Sunday, July 24, 2011

Our First Blog Post!

Summer Newsletter Week 8-
We’re Going On A Safari!
Week of 07/18 - 07/22

Welcome to our new friend, Gibson and his family!

Song of the Week: “The Lion Went Through the Jungle”
                        (To the tune of “The Bear Went Over the Mountain”)
                        The lion went through the jungle,
                        the lion went through the jungle,
                        the lion went through the jungle,
                        to see what he could see!
                        To see what he could see, to see what he could see!
                        The lion went through the jungle,
                        to see what he could see!

(After we were finished singing, we would talk about what we thought the lion saw in the jungle that day.)

Book of the Week: Madeline Loves Animals by John Bemelmans Marciano
What did we do on Monday? We played with our Hotwheels, enjoyed IRT with new books we got over the weekend, then we read our BOTW and sang our SOTW. Then we did stations with our electronic learning toys and our chain links while listening to our Jungle Book/Disney music. Later, we played with our musical instruments, schoolhouse playset and shape sorters while listening to our Kids SillySongs music. We also had fun with our Little People playsets and our jungle animal finger puppets. Then we were creative with our bristle blocks and Mr. Potato Heads sets.
Summer Enrichment for Monday: We didn't get to go to  the playground today because we had a new family come in to meet us today. 
We made Safari Scene Art projects by using a brown shet of paper and by adding colorful jungle themed stickers! Fun! We reviewed the names of the different animals and they sounds they make.
What did we do on Tuesday? We started our day by building with our chain links and "digging" in their bin with toy shovels. We really had fun with the shovels. Then we had IRT. After that, we played with our dollhouse. Later, we read the BOTW and sang the SOTW. We also spent time working on puzzles and building with Legos.
Summer Enrichment for Tuesday: We played in the water table! So much fun to splash in this hot weather!

As a special treat, we also made (and gobbled up!) chocolate covered frozen bananas!
What did we do on Wednesday? We built with our bristle blocks and then had IRT. We also read our BOTW and sang our SOTW. We did stations with our Duplo blocks and bubble blocks. Then we did different stations with our train set and Hotwheels.  
Summer Enrichment for Wednesday: We made safari animal paper chain links! Then we made collages of animal pattern paper strips (we got to chose either giraffe, jaguar, tiger, zebra or snake!).
We also watched the movie I Love Animals. It talked about all kinds of animals - wild, pet, farm, etc.
What did we do on Thursday?  We played with our dinosaurs and wooden blocks, had IRT and then listened to our Kids SillySongs CD while we did stations with our trains and electronic learning toys. We read the BOTW and sang the SOTW. We also got creative with our mini waffle blocks and played in our kitchen set. 

Summer Enrichment for Thursday: Today’s special enrichment was painting jungle animal suncatchers! The kids LOVED THIS! They were very into their painting. 

We also enjoyed making and tasting Pineapple Coconut Jungle Juice. 
J  Mmmmm….
What did we do on Friday? We started our day off by playing with our Mr. Potato Heads and mini waffle blocks then having IRT. We then read the BOTW and sang the SOTW. Brandon read us a Diego book! We took turns reading our new books in our reading center. We also went out for a walk around the neighborhood!
Summer Enrichment for Friday: We played with our finger puppets today. The children we so cute trying to reenact Brandon doing his finger puppet show that he performed last week!

We also had a special visitor! Ms. Kristy came and did a Christmas in July theme. She strung up some Christmas lights, read us a Santa book while wearing a Santa hat, and then we made snowflake headbands!
So much fun!
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Until next week – 
Becky and Michael