Saturday, July 30, 2011

Summer Newsletter Week 9-
We’re Going On A Safari!
Week of 07/25-07/29

Song of the Week: “We're Going To The Zoo!"
                                We're going to the zoo, zoo, zoo
                                How about you, you, you?
                                We're gonna see a (name of animal)
                                at the zoo, zoo, zoo!

(We talked about how jungle animals sometimes live at the zoo to protect them if they can't live in the wild anymore.)

Book of the WeekOne Zany Zoo by Lori Degman

What did we do on Monday? We started of our day by playing with our Hotwheels cars. Then we moved on to IRT. Afterward, we did stations with bristle blocks and mini waffle blocks. We played outside in the backyard (today's favorites were a bowling game, riding on the bikes and playing with the bat and ball). We read the BOTW and sang the SOTW. We also built with our wooden blocks.
Summer Enrichment for Monday: We watched the movie Madagascar which talks about zoos and wild animals. Good mixture of this week's song and book theme along with our summer theme.
We also baked some yummy oatmeal chocolate chip jungle animal shaped cookies!
 What did we do on Tuesday? We built some crazy stuff out of our busy beads and pulled them all apart and did it over and over again! We enjoyed independent reading time, and then moved on to building with our Wee Waffle Block Village, adding in some jungle animals.  We read the BOTW and sang the SOTW. We played with our jungle animal puppets and read jungle books as well.
Summer Enrichment for Tuesday: Due to all of the storms we have recently had, our backyard was to muddy to play in today, so we didn't have Water Day with the sprinkler. 

Instead, we played with our Little People playsets, being very interactive and creative. We also worked on our Little Bear Floor Puzzle together! Then we read some potty books together since so many of us are interested in the potty right now.
What did we do on Wednesday? We built with our alphabet blocks and had IRT.  We had fun playing with our schoolhouse toy set, too. We read the BOTW and sang the SOTW. Also, we took turns working on our jungle animal puzzle. We also built with our legos.
Summer Enrichment for Wednesday:  We watched the movie Barney's Jungle Friends and pretended to go on a safari with them.

We also played a Safari matching Game, matching the pictures to the sounds that the animals made.
What did we do on Thursday?  We built with our PopOnz Build and Stack City set and played with our dinosaurs. Then we had IRT. We sang the SOTW and read the BOTW. We enjoyed playing Dora's Backpack Adventure on our computer. We also did stations with out chain links and legos and then later with our Hotwheels and our Mr. Potato Heads.

Summer Enrichment for Thursday: We made our last Jungle Juice today - Banana Pineapple and boy, was it delicious! The kids slurped it UP!!!

We had our Safari Party today and did a couple of party games:
1) We played Pin the Tail n the Zebra (played like Pin the Tail on the Donkey)
2) We played Hippos in the Mud (played similarly to Musical Chairs...the children crawled in a circle following a circle of tape on the floor, crossing over a cutout of a mud puddle. When the jungle music stopped - whoever was "Stuck in the Mud" won!
What did we do on Friday? We played with our train set and had IRT. We read the BOTW and sang the SOTW. We created with our bristle blocks and wooden blocks. Then we played our "From Head to Toe Learn to Move" Eric Carle game. The kids LOVE that game! No two games are the same so it is always interesting to see how it will play out! We also took turns working on our puzzles and later played together with our Hotwheels.
Summer Enrichment for Friday: 
We also had a SURPRISE special visitor (Ms. Stephanie) who came today to do FACEPAINTING with the children! They absolutely LOVED it! They looked so adorable. The children to so excited to see themselves transform into a butterfly or tiger!
Please note that we will be closed on Monday, Sept. 5th in observance of Labor Day.
As per our Handbook, please remember that if Mondays are your child’s regular day of attendance, September 5th, Labor Day, is a paid day of tuition. Please make sure to write your checks for this week/month accordingly. Thank you!
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Our summer theme was so much fun - but August is right around the corner with a new theme - Under the Sea! We will be emailing out our August calendar so be watching for it!

Becky and Michael