Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Donor Milk Feeding

We all know breastmilk is best. No one denies that - not even formula manufacturers.But what if your body doesn't make enough milk for your baby? What if your have twins (or more)? What if you can't make enough milk for all of your babies? What if you have to be on a medication that is unsafe for breastfeeding? All of these things play a role in a breastfeeding relationship between mother and child.

Way back when...in another era...wet nursing was a part of life. It just happened. Some mothers never nursed their own babies, but instead, hired a wet nurse. Babies drank breastmilk that did not come from their mother!

So why is it so frowned upon these days? I really don't know. Sadly, society views it as something that is disgusting. An exchange of bodily fluids.

While I have never personally used another mother's milk (but WOULD over store bought formula if my baby had the need!), I have shared my milk with a baby other than my own.

There are lots of organizations that can help get mother's milk to a baby who needs it. Here are some Facebook pages to help:

Proud Donor Milk Feeding Moms

Human Milk 4 Human Babies Global Network

The Leaky B@@b

Modern Milksharing

If you choose to use donor milk...please remember one very important thing - NEVER reheat it in a microwave. Microwaves KILL a lot of the fantastic nutrients that breastmilk provides. A crockpot set on low with just some water in it will reheat a bottle of mother's milk very nicely in a short period of time...even from frozen!

Okay - one last thing....I just HAD to share this picture with you!! :)