Monday, February 13, 2012

How to make your own baby formula

I recently met with a new mama-to-be of twins and she wants to breast feed her babies. I think that is AWESOME to be a WORKING mom who wants to breastfeed TWO babies! She is curious about supplementing but has concerns with store-bought formula and the cans having BPA in the lining. We briefly discussed milksharing (a topic for another blog post!) and she was unsure of her feelings on it at the time.

So in honor of her, I went looking for more information on how to make your own baby formula! Boy, are there plenty of options! Happy making!

Various Formula Recipes

I also heard that this FB page is helpful:

Nourishing Our Children

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  1. ps: one of the places to find raw milk (cow or goat) would be the marietta outdoor market, I have seen it sold there.