Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Twenty-Five Words Every Toddler Needs to Know

I find this to be a very interesting article! I often wonder if Daniella is talking enough for her age or if her vocabulary is ahead. I talk to her all. day. long. I talk her through whatever we are currently doing. I am proud to say she can say all but a few of these, but yet, she does in her own way. For instance, she doesn't say cat, but says "Meow" for a cat. She doesn't say dog, but says "woof woof". She doesn't say "bath" (she doesn't take baths due to bring hospitalized for a massive urinary tract infection that led to a massive kidney infection when she was 6 months old), but she says "wawa" (water) for shower. She also says tons of words not listed. Since she will be 16 months old this coming week, I would say that she is either ahead of the game or the "average" is an awfully low standard.

Check it out here.