Sunday, February 26, 2012

Why Do My Kids Keep Growing Up So Fast???

We have celebrated a lot of big moments in less than 2 years. In May of 2009, Brandon received his First Holy Eucharist...a year later in May of 2010, Daniella was Baptized. This past October, Daniella had her first birthday...and today, Brandon turns 10. He is in the double digits now! Where has the time gone? I remember HIS baptism and first birthday like it was yesterday. We had his birthday party at a place called Jellybean Jungle (this was when we lived in NJ). We celebrated it together with my nephew who turned four that year. (The boys' birthdays are only 2 weeks apart).

And now....he's ten. I noticed something kind of cool about my  children's ages. When Brandon is 10...1+0+=1 (Daniella is 1)....when Brandon is 11...1+1= 2 (Daniella will be 2)....when Brandon is 12...1+2=3 (Daniella will be 3)....and so on during his preteen and teen years.

Sigh. I just want my kids to stay little. Forever.