Thursday, March 22, 2012

Natural Ways to Relieve Tooth Pain

Earlier this week, I had a horrible toothache. I have a very high pain threshold and yet this was killing me. I looked around online and then a friend pointed me towards this article which is where I finally found the solution that worked for me! I used cinnamon and raw honey and made a paste out of it which I rub all over the surrounding gum. It tasted delicious (lol) which encouraged me to apply it as often as I felt the need to. I only applied it three times and the toothache is gone! (well...truthfully, it just died back down to a dull roar. This is a tooth that I have previously been informed that I need crowned but my research has shown me that crowns are a big no-no --hmm, another blog post, maybe?-- so at some point I will probably have the tooth pulled.)