Monday, April 16, 2012

Have You Ever Presented Your OB/Midwife With a Birth Plan?

I didn't do one with Brandon - and really wish that I did because I am sure things would have turned out a LOT different if I had.
With Daniella, I did. And her birth was 99% of everything I wanted. :) I reviewed my birth plan during an interview before I switched care from an OB to a midwife. I fired my OB because he didn't like my birth plan. My midwife was fine with everything on my birth plan! So I switched to her and the story played out from there :) Basically, what I am saying is, birth plans are important - even if you plan on a scheduled c-section or induction!

Here is a link to a website that offers Free Birth Plans....which basically just guides you through writing your own. If you were to present a doctor or midwife with this full thing, they probably would only read half of it! :)

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  1. I didn't have a birth plan for my first son. And it went NOTHING as I wanted. His birth ended in a c/sec.
    With my second son I had a birth plan that I shared with my brith team, doula and midwife. But having a midwife (and a homebirth). Every thing went great and as close to what I wanted as possible. But even though I planned a home birth, I also created a "transfer to hospital" birth plan as well.