Monday, June 18, 2012

Modern Alternative Mama has written another book!

I was able to read this book before it was released and let me just tell you - it is AWESOME! The recipes are versatile and YUMMY! Here is a quote from Kate herself!

Today’s the day!
Simply Summer is here. If you’re looking for inspiration on what to cook this summer, this book is for you. I’m really excited about this book because I think that this one has recipes that everyone will like, and that everyone can eat (even with allergies!). If you’ve never bought one of my books before, start with this one. I honestly think it is the best, most versatile book yet. It is a definite must-have for those wanting to eat locally and seasonally!
It’s hot. (Today it’s about 90 here!) That leaves, often times, little motivation to cook, and even less motivation for fancy meals or those which require heating up your kitchen. But you don’t have to, with this book.
Focus on grilled meats, crisp salads, simple dips, beautiful fruit, and light desserts. That’s what Simply Summer has to offer. You’ll see recipes like Marinated Chicken, Bacon-Cheddar Dip, Grilled Shrimp Salad, Lemon Sherbet, Peach Upside Down Cake, and other wonderful freshness. You won’t need to heat up your kitchen (much) and you’ll be done quickly since many dishes don’t take a lot of prep or cook time.
Making use of the fresh, seasonal flavors that are available and oh-so-perfect in the summer is so important. There’s no time when tomatoes are so juicy, peaches are so sweet, or greens so crisp. If your family is striving to eat locally and seasonally, Simply Summer will help you to do that in new and delicious ways.If you have food allergies, this book will work for you! About half of the recipes are top 8-free as written (and many more could be with simple substitutions). All of the recipes are clearly marked with symbols to tell you what allergens they’re free of, so you know what’s safe for your family.
Simply Summer is just so versatile and the recipes so delicious — it’s a must-have. Testers and reviewers alikeloved the recipes and many said some became instant family favorites. These recipes are perfect to make for the ubiquitous family barbecues and parties, to take and share, and no one will even know they’re eating “real food!” At $7.95 for 32 delicious, seasonal recipes, this book is a steal.For more information or to buy the book, head over to the book page. You’ll see a full description (including a list of all the recipes), what all of the reviewers said, and more.
But don’t forget about the launch-day specials.
With code SUMMERFOOD50, you can get 50% off this book, which sells normally for $7.95 (making it just $3.48!). This is only on the first 50 copies, though, so get yours fast!
Anyone can get 35% off through Tuesday, 6/19, with code SUMMER35. If you miss that, you can get 20% off through Friday, 6/22 with code SIMPLY20.
You can also get Simply Summer for Kindle!
Which recipe are you going to make first?

Want your own copy?