Sunday, October 28, 2012

Vatican Statement on Vaccines

As a Catholic family, what the Vatican has to say about things matters a great deal to us. But I thought that I would point this out to those of you who hold similar Christian points of view as well.

Not the current Pope; but he was when this statement was released!

After reading the entire document, I am proud to say that Daniella has never received a single vaccine. Brandon was on a modified schedule until his reaction which halted any further vaccines for him. I wish I had known the Vatican's viewpoint on vaccines then. But at the time, I was a brand new Catholic and Brandon was over a year old when this was released so it would not have "saved" him completely.

If the Pope could have children (for those of you who are not Catholic, the Pope, nor any priest, can marry or have children.), I wonder  if that child would be vaccinated at all?

What do you all think? Go read the Vatican's Statement and come back and share your thoughts with me. For those of you that DO vaccinate - did you read anything in that statement that might have hanged our mind? If you do not vaccinate, what did you think of it? Any Catholic readers want to share their thoughts?