Monday, November 12, 2012

Health and Beauty Products That My Family Uses

Yes, I am going to admit up front that this list needs improvement. Baby steps, right? We are all slowly working on making small improvements in our life. This is where we currently are and hope to more forward from:

Hair -

I do the "No 'Poo" thing, I use baking soda and apple cider vinegar. I am currently researching the pros/cons of switching to an aluminum free baking soda, but haven't yet made a decision on this. My husband is shaved clean on his head so he doesn't need to use shampoo or conditioner. He just uses soap or body wash to clean the skin.

I feel that our kids are too young to do BS/ACV without getting in their eye/mouth (which I have done and it is NOT pleasant!). Therefore our kids use their own separate items:

Brandon (age 10) -
Suave Kids body wash - free and clear of dyes, scents, etc. Brandon uses this for his hair and as a body wash.
(This is one of those "could be better" items. We stocked up on a ton of this went it went non sale last year and we are simply using it up until it is gone and then researching better options at that time.)

Daniella (age 2) -
Earth's Best Organic Lavender Shampoo/Body Wash
We are generally happy with this product though it does sting her eyes even though it says tear free on it.

Deodorant - 

I use Trader Joe's organic virgin coconut oil. Yes, that it all. I use cotton balls to spread it on. During hot summer days or after exercising, I sometimes need to freshen up and then reapply. But generally speaking, it works great for me.

Michael uses a blend of Trader Joe's organic virgin coconut oil and baking soda.He is a huge sweatball. (I say that lovingly!) I am hoping to soon implement a DIY recipe I pinned on Pinterest to make for him.

Brandon thus far does not need deodorant. I'm sure it won't be much longer until he does though!

Body Wash -

I use Pure and Natural brand. I LOVE IT! It is a rosemary and mint scent and it smells so good.

Michael uses soap. We'll get to that next.

Brandon uses the same product that he uses to wash his hair.

Soap - 

This is another one of those products that we are still "in process". Again, we stocked up on a great deal on Dial Basic soap. Which I am generally okay with. It is not the best ingredient list but it is far better than some I have seen. We are hoping to eventually switch full time to the Yardley Naturals Almond Milk soap.

One big thing we avoid with soaps is the word "antibacterial".

Lotions - 

I use ECOTOOLS intensive hand cream...which Daniella steals from me or demands from me daily. I love it and so does she. The scent is simply divine. It is made 98% from nature and I like that! Paraben free, Phthalate free, etc.

Michael rarely uses lotion but when he does, he steals mine, too :)

Brandon uses TruKid Lotion and really like it - so do I! More about that in a couple of weeks when I do a review/giveaway!

The lotions that I have for Daniella to use when she is not stealing mine are Aveeno Baby (also lavender) and a Disney Naturals brand.

Please excuse how dirty my tub's back edge is :)

Sunblock - 

We generally use Neutrogena Pure and Gentle Baby versions - either the cream or the face stick. We have recently been introduced to TruKids brand - again more about that in a couple of weeks when I do a review/giveaway!

Let me clarify that sunblock is not something we use often. We primarily use it when swimming and when in the direct sun for extended periods of time (2 hours or more). (Which is why you won't find out about the TruKids for a couple of weeks. We are using it while on vacation in Florida for Thanksgiving.)

Facial Cleanser -

Typically, I simply wash my face with soap. But when I feel like I need a deeper clean or when I am having a skin breakout, I use my Burt's Bees Acne Solution.

Baby Wipe Solution -

We use cloth wipes so we make our own solution. I use a squirt top bottle, add a few drops of my Method kids body wash into it and then fill with water. A little bit of this stuff goes a LOOOOOONG way!

Well, there you have it! These are the products that touch our skin the most often. Which products do you use? Anyone have any suggestions for some baby steps that I could make to go upwards from here? I would love to hear them!
(I'm sorry that the pictures weren't that great.)