Friday, November 16, 2012

I Am Going Out Of Town

I am leaving today to go out of town for the Thanksgiving holiday with my family. We live in Georgia and will be driving to Florida where we have a timeshare condo. While there, we will be visiting several places and testing a few products and I will be sure to tell you all about them all when we return! I won't be able to post while I am gone as my mobile web is limited on the blog but I have several posts scheduled to post while I am gone. PLEASE share them often with your friends and family. :) Don't forget about my little blog here while I am away! Thanks and have a great Thanksgiving!


  1. Safe Travels and have a great time. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.
    I'll look forward to the reviews when you return.

    1. I'm excited to share these products and destinations with you as well! Happpy Thanksgiving to your family as weel! Please keep an eye out for my scheduled posts :)