Saturday, November 3, 2012

Regrowing Your Food *Can* Work...Sometimes...

Do you remember back in August when I posted this blog post that talked about Regrowing Your Food? It included a very intriguing article that talked about various vegetables and regrowing them to essentially never have to buy the food or the seed ever again.

My son recently had a Science Fair at his public charter school. He decided he wanted to put the idea to the test and see if he could actually regrow some vegetables! We decided to try romaine lettuce and celery. We started by cutting the leaves and stems off the base and planting each base in a separate pot. Then he decided that he would give each vegetable base 1/2 cup of water every other day.



He kept them mostly outside in our backyard that is full sun throughout the majority of the day. He brought them inside at night if the temperature reached 50* or less. 

After just a few short days - he noticed some growth had occurred! 



Then....he began noticing about every 2-4 days, that the lettuce plant would get a tiny bit moldy. He would take scissors and trim off the mold and throw that bit away. But as time went on and his timeframe for the science experiment was coming to an end....

The celery was flourishing! Look at it grow!

The lettuce, on the other hand, COMPLETELY molded over and drooped to the side!

In the timeframe given for the science experiment - approximately 3 weeks time - the celery plant grew 4 inches.
The lettuce plant initially grew 2 inches and then abruptly died. 

It was interesting to see if it would work or not!

I would love to hear from anyone else who wants to try it, too! 

Anyone want to guess why the lettuce died and the celery flourished?