Friday, November 2, 2012

Review for Crystal's Creative Cakes in Rome, GA

While searching for the perfect cake for Daniella's birthday party, I put a Facebook status out there asking my friends for some feedback on local bakeries. One of my friends suggested Crystal's Creative Cakes so I contacted her via Facebook and asked her how she would feel about providing a free cake for Daniella's birthday party in exchange for a review about it. She gladly said yes!

Since Daniella's birthday party was an "All Around the Kitchen" theme (see more about her party venue/theme here), I decided to go on Pinterest and figure out some cake ideas that went along with the theme! If you examine that link for Pinterest closely, you will see that it takes you to my board on Pinterest that I used for inspiration. If you take a deeper look at it, you will soon see that I was heavily leaning towards doing a teapot birthday cake!

Crystal and I messaged back and forth on Facebook extensively until we came up with the idea for this cake. It is a blend of 3 cakes on the Pinterest board that interested me the most. I told Crystal that I wanted to highlight the colors chocolate brown, orange and hot pink. She came up with adding the aqua which was a really nice touch. 

The "teapot" portion of the cakes is sitting on a "tablecloth" covered "table". The teapot, except for the handle and spout, was completely edible. It was delicious chocolate cake! The tablecloth, while technically edible, was not intended to be eaten. Crystal told us it would not taste very good so we skipped it. The table portion was a marbled cake covered in chocolate fondant. It was very good as well. Both cakes were especially moist.

Crystal and I had originally planned to meet locally to her. Since she was being kind enough to provide us the cake for free, I figured the 45 minute drive would be totally worth it! We agreed to meet the morning of the party for pickup. That morning, Crystal called me to let me know that the handle and spout portions had not entirely defrosted yet and she would not have the cake completed in time for our previously arranged pick up time. She then offered to deliver it to us! :) How wonderful!

As you can see, the cake looks fantastic. Now yes, my loyal readers know that we typically avoid artificial colors and such. However, for special occasions, we do let that sort of thing go. How many times will my baby girl become a toddler of the age of 2? That's right...only once :)

Everyone at the party ranted and raved about how adorable the cake was! And the taste was even better! It was absolutely delicious!

The top of the teapot is just as detailed. We loved the flower accents, too!


frontal/side view

The only issue we had even the slightest thing with was that the fondant on the cake made it difficult to cut. I have never had a cake with fondant before so I have no idea if this is normal or not. But I thought I would mention it so others could be aware and not surprised when they try to cut the cake :) The cake was so delicious though that it didn't matter to us!

Singing "Happy Birthday"!

Crystal makes ALL SORTS of cakes! Girl Cakes, Boy Cakes, Whimsy Cakes, Shower Cakes, Baby Cakes...etc.

"Need that extra wow at your next party or shower? Then I'm the one to do it. My name is Crystal Castillo and "If you can Google it, I can do it!". I am a stay at home mom of three wonderful kids. I love to make these special cakes out of my home. Please feel free to look me up on Facebook or just give me a call."

Crystal's Creative Cakes 
(706) 676 4420


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    1. My daughter felt very grown up that day! :)

  2. Such a cute cake! Chocolate fondant sounds delicious. :)

    1. Thank you! The cake WAS adorable! (And the chocolate fondant WAS delicious!! Mmm...)

  3. Such an adorable cake! Please comment on my blog for today from Bloggers Helping Bloggers. Thanks!

  4. What a beatuiful cake! I love that design. I tried to learn how to make cakes one time, that didn't last very long! lol

    1. It definitely take talent to make cakes like that!!

  5. Thats fantastic. I always find it heartbreaking to cut into such great cake designs :-)

    1. I know - it is hard to "destroy" such hard work!