Saturday, November 3, 2012

Review for Doodlebug Boutique in Woodstock, GA (Also available online!)

Doodlebug Boutique has a wide array of items for your little Doodlebug to help her look adorable! We have previously purchased from Doodlebug Boutique (hair bows and hair clippies) and have been pleased with her work. She designs all sorts of things - including tutus!

Here is a small blurb from her Facebook page -

Doodlebug Boutique features hand-made boutique hair bows, tutus, and accessories for your little doodlebug!

Our storefront is primarily on Facebook, however you can also visit us at local festivals throughout metro Atlanta, and primary at the Downtown Woodstock City Park Festivals.

Doodlebug Boutique bows are also available at:

Melissa's Hallmark Gold Crown Store in Woodstock, GA
The School Place of Roswell in Roswell, GA

Doodlebug Boutique also has a website where you are check out all of her beautiful things, too!

She is so very talented - I love how she sculpts her hair clippies! We personally have a pumpkin, Atlanta Braves tomahawk and a Christmas tree clippie that she made.

 Doodlebug Boutique graciously provided us with a tutu in exchange for my review! :)

Daniella loved how beautiful she looked!

Daniella loved her tutu from the moment she laid eyes on it! She knew it was something special! She loved how big it was and that it was fluffy and puffy and swished around when she walked and danced!

At first I was a little bit worried with how big it was and if it would be an issue at our party venue. (See more about Daniella's birthday party here.) It was never an issue. It shaped and conformed itself as needed throughout her party! I was really pleased.

She was so goofy showing off her pretty tutu!

She knew she looked adorable!

One more thing that I really like about our experience with Doodlebug Boutique was that since she lives so close by to us, she was able to simply leave the tutu for us on her front porch for us to simply pick up around our wonky work hours!

PLUS - she sent directions for taking care of our new tutu! (Which  was fabulous, since I had NO idea!)

She climbed!

She danced and acted goofy!

She ran around!

She climbed some more!

She even bounced on a trampoline!

This tutu held up fantastically when you check out what all she did in it! :) This Mama was very pleased!

There was only one very minor issue that we noticed - 

The bow in the front came undone a couple of times.
Ordinarily, this would not have bothered me much. We just re-tied it and off she went again. As you can see in this picture it posed a bit of a tripping hazard. She never did trip or fall because of it but it did worry me a bit. It was NOT a major issue and if we had been anywhere but at this particular party venue, I probably would not have thought twice about it! :)

We are getting family portraits done soon and we plan to get some of her wearing her tutu! :) We love it THAT much!

I highly recommend that you check out Doodlebug Boutique. Her shipping prices are really reasonable as well so even if you are not local - you really need to check out what all she can make for YOUR little Doodlebug!

OK - I had to come back and edit this (11/06/12) to add the professional portrait we had done of Daniella in her tutu!

Can you really see now just how stunning and full it is? I LOVE IT!!!