Thursday, November 1, 2012

Review for Gymboree Play & Music in Canton, GA

                                                                                                                     Gymboree Play & Music

A couple of months ago, I ran into the mother of an old student of mine from when I used to teach at The Goddard School. She now owns a Gymboree Play & Music in Canton, GA. I mentioned to her that I was looking for a place to have Daniella's second birthday party. She mentioned that since they are a fairly new location that she had been looking for ways to get the word out about them so she agreed to give us a discounted rate on our party in exchange for a review on my blog.

Gymboree Play & Music is geared for children ages 5 and under. It is a large indoor gymnasium filled to the brim with fun things for little ones to do! There is everything from slides to tunnels to basketball hoops to maracas to scarves and so much more inside! It is a blast to play there.

A party is typically for up to 12 children, although we kept our guest list trimmed to have no more than 8 children including Daniella. The party fees are $200 unless you are a member in which case it is $175 and those fees include free invitations, too! The party is 90 minutes long. You can add various options such as the Mom's Time Saver which includes plates, napkins, utensils, party hats and candles in fun Gymboree colors for only an additional $25! Or you can add an additional 30 minutes if you want to make it a pizza party for an extra $50 fee. Each child over the 12 children included in the party fee is an extra $5. You can even purchase latex or mylar balloons and goody bags!

At the time of making our deposit and booking the party, we were given the option to select a theme for the party. There was a jungle animal theme, a farm animal theme, a princess and a few others that I cannot remember. We chose to have an "All Around the Kitchen" theme. SO MUCH FUN!

About a week before the party, the owner, Lisa Fisher, emailed me to confirm our party date and time, how many children would be coming (they do this because if it is a large enough group coming, they will add an assistant teacher to the party!), who our party's teacher would be and some general basics about the party.

On the party day itself, we arrived slightly earlier than our party teacher, Kim. Not a big deal to us though. Since Daniella's birthday is just days before Halloween, Gymboree Play & Music had a bunch of hay bales, mums, pumpkins, etc outside so I took that opportunity to take a few pictures of Daniella :)

Daniella with Gymbo, Gymboree Play & Music's mascot!
Once inside, Kim showed us where to set everything up. We had brought cake, cookies, utensils, plates, napkins, goody bags, drinks, etc. There was a seating area in the front lobby set up for the cake portion of the party. There was plenty of space for everything we brought.

Daniella felt special from the very start!

Then we began waiting for our guests to arrive. Once our party time arrived and only a couple of people were there, I began texting our guests to find out if they were having trouble locating the venue. It turns out that three families had opted to use their GPS to find the location since on the Gymboree Play & Music invitations, I had provided the address for location. Come to find out, since the Canton, GA location is still so new, their GPS wasn't giving them accurate directions! :( We quickly filled them in on how to find us and they arrived soon after that. By the time everyone had arrived, the party began 30 minutes after our allotted time. The teacher, Kim, had asked if we wanted to go ahead and start or if we wanted to wait on our guests and we opted to wait.

 There was so much for the children to do! Lots of equipment with plenty of space to climb and play for many more children than we even had present! Check this stuff out:
I love how all of the climbing structures had extra mats under then for safer falls!

I really like the kid friendly foot holds to help them climb up!

Look at all the different splashes of color and ways to climb!

Tunnels! And the scarves were for a game we played!

Look how long  that tunnel is!

So many ways to get up and move!

This slide was about twice as long as Daniella!

Toddler size trampoline!

More tunnels and climbing structures!

There was a TON of balls! Daniella got creative with them.

She loved rolling the balls everywhere!

Look how brave she is climbing up all by herself!

Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy!

More balls! This was a deeply cushioned mat!

More climbing structures.

Once the party began, the children all had SO MUCH FUN!

The teacher, Kim, led the children through games and songs that were related to the theme "All Around the Kitchen". We started off with a basic "Hokey Pokey" to warm everyone up. I really loved that there was no "left" or "right" so the little ones weren't confused! Just "Put your arms in." and "Put your feet in". Easy for toddlers to understand!

Then we pretended to have a "cookie" party on our "dishes". 

 After our "cookies" were all gone, we had to wash our dishes! :)

We used the scarves to dry off our dishes!

We danced to Greg and Steve's "Freeze Dance" with maracas - the little ones enjoyed it so much we did it twice! We climbed up the "birthday candle" ( a long bouncy tube like thing), made vegetable soup (We pretended to be vegetables that jumped into the pot), and we did parachutes games. I think Daniella loved the parachute the best! Kim blew bubbles and the kids "caught" them with clamshell musical instruments. We all sat under the parachute and sang "I'm a Little Teapot" too! (Which was a special request of mine since Daniella's birthday cake and cookies were teapot themed!).

Kim helped with cutting and serving the cake and cookies. She made sure everyone had what they needed. She showed our guests to the bathroom and changing table as needed. One mom even comfortably fed her baby in the lobby during the party. We had an even amount of moms and dads that came and I think they all enjoyed playing with their child(ren). The children most certainly had a blast! I had one mom tell me that her child NEVER slept in the car, even as a newborn. On their 30ish minute ride home, her almost 4 year old fell asleep for the first time ever in the car! Gymboree Play & Music WORE HER OUT! :)

 Overall, we were very pleased with the service given to us as parents. Daniella loved her special day and had the time of her life.

Did you know that Gymboree Play & Music is more than just for birthday parties?

They have a small store in their lobby. 

Art work from their classes was hung on the walls (this is just a small portion).

They had a special spot to welcome new friends!

 Make A Difference & Share Your Feedback Today! Tell us about your experience at Gymboree Play & Music. See what a difference you can make as we learn, develop and grow!

 Hickory Flat
6764 Hickory Flat Hwy
Suite 104
Canton,Georgia 30115
(770) 720-1377
New Member Initiation Fee $35.00

Plus, new members save big with great discounts for clothing at Gymboree, Janie and Jack, Crazy 8 and Shade!

Also, MOM'S GROUPS! Host your next meet up group here! Ask us about GROUP
enrollment discounts!

ATTENTION CHEROKEE COUNTY DISTRICT EMPLOYEES: Please contact your Hickory Flat Gymboree location to find out about our special discount just for you!

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Heartwarming Harvest Creations : Get creative in the kitchen as a family! Cooking and baking with your kids is a fun way to help them practice  math, measurement, fine-motor skills and creativity. Then celebrate together with your tasty treats!
Healthy Little Haystacks, Apple Cider Smoothies, Cranberry Pumpkin Bread
Thanksgiving Candy Clay

 Harvest Playlist
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A note from the owner, Lisa Fisher:

Our monthly enrollment fee is $69/mo.
This is for one child and adult(s) for one 45 minute class a week, UNLIMITED open play gyms, DISCOUNTED birthday parties, GYMBUCKS and
other ongoing specials offered from our family retail stores: Crazy 8, Janie and Jack, Shade and of course, Gymboree.

Our Winter special will begin Nov. 1st.  $50 off 1st month's enrollment and FREE bubble oodles!

Our program is now being offered ON THE GO!   This means that Gymboree will come to your child's preschool, church school, etc.  The prices vary
depending on which program the school chooses, how many participating, location, teachers, etc. The perk about bringing it into the school is parents
do not have to be there with there child.  This is just an additional enrichment program that they can take advantage of during normal school hours.  We
have one school that uses us in the later afternoon for kids who stay all day.  Also, the parents then get what's called a "Preschool Pass".  This means they
are treated as members and can use open gym times too!  They also get discounted birthday parties, gymbucks, etc..  It's a pretty good deal, plus it gives
families time to bond even if it's just for a half hour of playtime.  Undivided attention with their kids.  : )  OR some use our location/gym times for playdates with
other moms.

The ON THE GO program offers all of the same ideas in class, but without the equipment (we use props instead).  We offer Play and Learn (some call it music/movement) classes and Sports classes.  We do customize what we offer based on the needs of each school.   We have seasonal lesson plans and full year lesson plans.  Again, we
can customize themes depending on what children might be currently learning about.

Besides birthday parties, we also do Preschool graduation parties, preschool field trips, mommie group events, etc.

This week is our big Pumpkin Patch Parties! We do monthly family fun nights as well (movie night, date night for parents).

My final note:
I highly recommend this location. I suggest you use Google Maps or MapQuest or the like to truly find it, not your GPS :) The teacher, Kim, was fabulous - she really made the party fun! The owner, Lisa, was great with communicating with me and doing everything she could to ensure our birthday party would be as fantastic as it was. I cannot say enough good things about this place! PLEASE, PLEASE go check them out!

**A special thank you to my husband, Michael, for taking these wonderful pictures!***


  1. I've been wanting to check into the Gymboree events out sort of by us, but never have. I may just have to. This looked like fun!

    1. It really was so much more fun than I can put into words. This was on Sunday and my daughter is still talking about it! It really was the time of her life! :) You really should look into it :)

  2. Beautifully done, this report that is!
    Would love to visit one of these centers, as my toddler would go zonkers about all that stuff there!

    1. Thank you for your kind words. :) I highly suggest you check it out - I am sure your little one would love it!

  3. I'm tuckered out from just seeing your toddler enjoying herself so much in your pics! What a great spot for the kids to actively engage and play! Thanks for the great post!

    1. "Actively engaged" is a fantastic description for Gymboree Play & Music!