Friday, November 2, 2012

Review for Sweet Cheeks Cakery in Ball Ground, GA

While trying to decide on what sweet treat to have for Daniella's birthday party, I asked my friends on Facebook and one of them referred me to Sweet Cheeks Cakery. I contacted her to see how she would feel about providing cookies in exchange for a review on my blog and she happily agreed - even though she does not normally do cookies! :) She had to buy all of the supplies since she normally does cakes- cookie cutters (teapots and teacups, of course!), cookie platters, and liners for the platters.

Something else that she offered to do was deliver them to us - the day of the party, at the party venue! (read more about Daniella's party here.) What a nice touch! :)

Come to find out, her son used to attend The Goddard School where I used to teach as well - small world all the way around! :) (Same thing with the party venue!)

These cookies were fantastic! They were so light and buttery and delicious! I loved the decorative parts of them as well - very girly! Swirls and candied pearls made them just beautiful! I loved that there were teapots AND teacups! Some of the comments I heard from our guests included, "The icing tastes like marshmallow fluff!", "These are delicious!", "Where did you get these cookies from?!?!", and "These are beautiful!".

Beautifully presented on a platter with a doily
Simply adorable!

SO pretty!

Yes, typically, we avoid artificial colors and are super careful about ingredients that we use, but we let that all fly out the window when it comes to special occasions. How many times will she turn 2? :) Just once, of course!

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Notice what Daniella reached for first? She is SUCH a cookie lover!

You have GOT to check out the pictures of the amazing cakes she bakes!!

She by far prefers cookies over cake!

I highly recommend Sweet Cheeks Cakery! Great customer service with awesome and delicious cookies! While I personally prefer chocolate based cookies, these are definitely my new favorite for non-chocolate cookies!


  1. They look goregous, the teapots are great x

    1. Aren't they simply adorable?!? We loved them!!

  2. These cookies are adorable! I love the teapots and teacups! My girls would love these at their next tea party!

  3. They would be *perfect* for a tea party!