Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Crazy Places That Little Ones Fall Asleep

Do your little ones ever fall asleep in a place other than a bed or crib? Daniella does this all the time! Well, she has gotten better in the last few months, but when she was younger, it was kind of crazy. Now mind you, I do work crazy hours and she mostly keeps up with my schedule  so I am sure that plays a role in it. But here are some crazy places she has fallen asleep:
In the car seat

In Mama's arms in the office

On the couch while watching a movie

In the car seat - look closely and you can see a puddle of drool on the chest clip! :D

We had just left the corn maize and went grocery shopping after. On the way into the store, she passed out in my arms, transferred into the cart like this and stayed like this the entire shopping trip!

I made lunch while she was playing. Came to get her to put her at the table and found her passed out on the office floor.

In Daddy's arms at church!

At the lunch table!

Where are some crazy places your little ones have fallen asleep?

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