Sunday, December 23, 2012

Product Review with Giveaway for Barefoot Yoga Co.(Ends 12/31/12) US ONLY

Barefoot Yoga Co.

I contacted Barefoot Yoga Co. a few months ago about doing a review for them and they gladly said yes! I was excited to see what their products would be like. They sent me a Hybrid Eco Mat (in the color Kiln) and a Silk Sari Eye Pillow (in the Rassi Rust design).

So background info about these products:
The Barefoot Hybrid Eco Mat combines the best of eco-friendly and traditional mats. They are better fir the environment and your health than traditional PVC mats and have long lasting performance. The mesh scrim (the "skeleton" of the mat)is made from 100% recycled polyester, which contributes to its longevity and strength. The Hybrid Mats do not not contain phthalates or heavy metals and the method of production is completely non-toxic and latex free. The Hybrid Eco Mat can be cleaned by wiping it down with a diluted dolution of soap and water (20 parts water to 1 part soap). Allow the mat to air dry completely when possible before rolling.

Escape from it all with their 100% silk aromatherapy eye pillows. These are made in India from ceremonial sari designs and solid colors, filled with flax seeds and dried lavender and are soft and cooling eye pillows that work as a mood tonic, antidepressant, headache remedy and detoxifier. The shape of the pillow contours to your face adding gentle pressure and blocking out light, relieving tension and calming active muscles around the eyes. Used for deepening relaxation during Savasana, meditation and afternoon naps. The pillows are hand washable, refillable and adjustable with a zippered opening.  Simply unzip, empty the contents and wash!

No one in our home had ever done yoga before these items arrived. We literally had to Google simple yoga poses for kids to even know where to begin! But once we started using the yoga mat for yoga, the kids LOVED it! They ask me all the time now if they can do yoga!

Brandon doing the Tree pose

Attempting to do the Tree pose...harder for a 2 yr old to stand on one foot with arms above her head!!

Brandon had to help balance her

Learning to do the Butterfly pose

Daniella loved pretending to be a butterfly!

Kite pose!

Brandon loved this one. 

Trying to do the Kite pose

They have really enjoyed learning yoga and I have loved that it has been on an eco-friendly yoga mat. The mat was plenty big enough for the two of them to use together so I am sure that an average size adult should easily be able to use it.

The Silk Eye Pillow was amazing! It literally became my bed time buddy. I have slept with it practically every night since it arrived. The lavender and flax seeds are very soothing and it has helped relieved a lot of tension and many headaches. My only suggestion for this item would be to add a latex free strap to be able to keep it on your head so it doesn't fall off when you roll over in your sleep - which happened a lot to me! :)

I keep it in my nightstand drawer.

Shown in its zipped pouch

Zipper open

Rassi Rust Eye Pillow

Zippered opening to see flax seeds inside

Overall, I have been very pleased with these products. Barefoot Yoga Co. sells so much more than just these two products! They also sell yoga clothing, hemp clothing, yoga books, dvds and cds and more!

You can win your very own Rassi Rust Silk Eye Pillow!

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