Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Review of Our Experience Visiting Arabian Nights Dinner Show Located in Kissimmee, Florida

**I know my regular readers are probably wondering why I am just now posting this review when I posted all of my other Florida reviews a couple of weeks ago. Arabian Nights was in the middle of updating their Press Kit for images they wanted me to use. I chose to wait to post this review until they were ready.**

My 2 year old daughter, Daniella, is currently enthralled with horses. We had attended a birthday party at a horse barn literally one week before visiting Arabian Nights and Daniella spent 3/4 of the party walking from stall to stall talking to the horses. When it came time to ride one, she was very nervous. She did eventually sit on one long enough to get her picture taken but because of her nerves, I was curious to see how she would respond to the horse at Arabian Nights.

As soon as we entered, we were in the gift shop which,as you can imagine, was packed with just about every kind of horse keepsake made! Daniella loved wandering around and looking at them all!

 We then moved on to the pre-show where there was appetizers being served. The appetizers were pretty basic - macaroni salad and tortilla chips. Since I was mostly chasing after Daniella who was looking at EVERYTHING, I did not eat either one so I can't tell you much about those. Sorry!

The pre-show included a belly dancer! All of the kids were fascinated by it. The belly dancer then encouraged the children to come up one at a time to try to belly dance too! She even had a Grandpa come up and try! :) That was pretty funny. Unfortunately, by the time I convinced Daniella to try, there was no time left. :(

There was a bar that was open during this time to purchase alcoholic beverages. Because we were VIP status, our meals came with it and since we are not big drinkers, we knew that would be enough for us and did not go to the bar.

When it was finally time to go back to the arena, we were shown where our VIP seats were. We had GREAT seats! We were in row J and had an incredible view of the show. 

Then we were invited down to the stable as part of the VIP status. The children were each able to sit on a horse and get their picture taken. The only issue I had here was poor lighting. My camera isn't that great so the pictures I took of them sitting on the horse did not come out too well :(

Then we got to go into the stable where there was a horse out of its stall for us to pet!

Daniella was so excited. Brandon even enjoyed this part! :)

I love how the handlers were already in costume!

Daniella talked to the horse and went on and on and on! :D

We did not know why at the time but found out later during the show, but one of the horses was being painted on. That was fun to watch!

The horses were all in large stalls that were each labeled with the name, dietary restriction and signs that asked us not to touch them because they were resting.

After leaving the stable, there was someone else out in the arena allowing the kids to ride horses (the kind where it is a horse head on a stick!). They played several games. Brandon felt he was "too old". Daniella wasn't old enough to figure out the games but she loved that horse! She threw a fit when it was time to put it away before the show began! (She is hoping St. Nick will bring her one!)

When the show began, our waitress came over to take our order. While we waited for our food, Brandon was asked to go down to the arena to greet the stallion as he came into the arena! THIS was something he enjoyed. He proudly walked down to the front to partake in the show!
Our food arrived while he was down there and the waitress kindly let us keep one of the lids over his plate so his food would not get cold. 
The food was good but not high quality considering the cost involved. But I suppose you are paying more for the show than the food, right? :) I had a steak which was pretty good (even though I am used to grass fed beef). The mashed potatoes were excellent though! The children had chicken tenders and fries. Pretty standard kid stuff. Michael had a vegetable lasagna - which I was super surprised that he order it. And he LOVED IT! I would have ordered that too but I do not care for ricotta cheese.

Daniella barely ate her food. This was pretty much what she did for 90% of the show:

She watched every move those horses made!!! 

We did have one issue during our meal. Like I said before, our VIP status came with an alcoholic drink. We each ordered a glass of wine and presented our waitress with the separate tickets for it. Even though we asked about the wine twice more before our dessert came, we never did receive our glasses of wine.  :(
One suggestion that I would like to make as well - Please get lids for your kids' cups. Daniella did spill her tea under the table :(

The show was AMAZING. Since it was a patriotic themed show, they recognized all veterans before the show started which I thought was a really nice touch! We are very patriotic and the grand finale of the show literally brought tears to my eyes! I won't give away all that the show was about but the basic story line is an American girl discovers she is a princess :) It is called The American Princess!

This is definitely a show for all ages, especially if you have a horse enthusiast in your family like we do!

Here are some facts about Arabian Nights:

Founded in 1988 by president and CEO Mark Miller, Arabian Nights is Central Florida’s largest family-owned and operated attraction.Their dinner show features equestrian demonstrations as part of a love story featuring a princess, a prince, and a genie.The show changes periodically, and a holiday special is performed throughout the month of December each year.The arena is climate controlled, wheelchair accessible, and features an enclosed Skybox with a separate ventilation system for guests with respiratory sensitivities or equine allergies.

 Wondering where exactly in Kissimmee you can find Arabian Nights?Located ½ mile east of I-4 off Highway 192 (across from Celebration), Mile Marker 8.Conveniently situated near Walt Disney World and all major attractions.

Show Times:We are open 365 days a year.The show runs approximately 1.5 hours with no intermission; start times vary.Matinees and private shows are available.

Tickets:Gate rates are:$66.99 (tax included) for adults$41.00 (tax included) for children (3-11). Children under 3 are free.VIP tickets and other upgrades are available.Reservations are strongly suggested for all guests.Reservations are required for groups (parties of 12 or more), and group rates will apply.(As in any resort area, make sure to look for coupons!)

Arabian Nights is home to approximately fifty horses, who perform on a rotational basis.The Arabians featured were bred on Al-Marah Arabian Horse Farm in Tuscan, AZ.Al-Marah and its much-lauded breeding program were established by Bazy Tankersly, Mark Miller’s mother. In addition to the Arabians, the show includes representatives from the following breeds: American Cream, American Mustang, American Quarter Horse, Appaloosa, Belgian, Irish Draught, Percheron, Saddlebred, and Shetland Pony.

We were given free admission for our family to the dinner show, which was upgrade to VIP status, in exchange for this review. 


  1. What a cool show! My daughter still loves horses! She's not outgrowing that love. lol This looks like a show worth going to!

  2. That looks like a fun time. Your daughter was really caught up in it.