Monday, December 3, 2012

Review with Giveaway for Rockin' Green Detergent! (Ends 12/18/12)

Rockin' Green

I contacted Rockin Green a couple of months back about doing a review with giveaway and they gladly agreed! I was so excited to try their detergent on our cloth diapers. The first thing I needed to do was determine if my area has hard water or soft water. Luckily, their website has an area for you to use to help determine this! Which Rockin Green formula is right for me? Do bear in mind that their Soft Rock formula only comes in Bare Naked Babies (Free and Clear scent). I found this out the hard way! :) Luckily, they sent me additional samples that were Classic Rock that were scented. I tried out Lavender Mint Revival and Wind, Earth and Orchids as well as the Bare Naked Babies.

They sent me a total of 6 sample packets, 3 Bare Naked Babies, 2 Lavender Mint Revival and 1 Wind, Earth and Orchids. I truly LOVED them all! They were the perfect size to bring along on our recent Florida vacation and we used them on everything - clothes, towels, cloth diapers, etc. They really cleaned everything well. Daniella is on her way to being potty trained and has been fully BM trained for months so I can't tell you how well it gets poop out of cloth diapers but I can tell you I smelled NO ammonia remnants from her strong overnight pee diapers! The scented varieties smelled lovely - just a hint of scent. That is perfect for me as I have been scent free for so long now that strong scents literally give me an instant headache from being so chemical filled. I am very partial to lavender scented ANYTHING but surprisingly, the Wind, Earth and Orchids was my favorite scent! The Rockin Green detergent easily removed all of the stains we came across during our trip with no problem!

There are many scent varieties available on their website.
Classic Rock - Smashing Watermelons, Motley Clean, Lavender Mint Revival and Bare Naked Babies
Soft Rock - Bare Naked Babies ONLY
Hard Rock - Smashing Watermelons, Rage Against the Raspberries, Motley Clean, Earth, Wind and Orchids, Lavender Mint Revival and Bare Naked Babies

Rockin Green also carries Holiday Scents.

You can purchase the Rockin Green Sample Remix packets that I received for only $.85 each on their website!! What a great why to try them out and see what you think of them!

Plus you can purchase Rocking Green Bundle Remix Packages for $22.95!

Rockin Green detergents can be purchased in 45/90 load packets or 90/180 load packets.

Got ammonia in your cloth diapers? Check out Rockin Green Funk Rock!

For those mamas who use Mama Cloth, Rockin Green also has a Femme Rock detergent specific for your cloth pads!

Got pets? Rocking Green's Dog House Rock is just right for you! Clean pet bedding and toys!

What I love the most about Rockin Green is that they are all natural, eco-friendly, earth friendly and use natural scents! Perfect!

I know that you will just love Rockin Green, too! Enter below on the Rafflecopter to win a 45/90 load package of your scent of choice!

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