Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Review with Giveaway for TruKid Natural Skincare Products (Ends 12/26/12) US ONLY

Are you like me in that you worry a lot about what goes on your kids' skin? Do you (lie me) analyze and scrutinize the ingredient list of every health and beauty product before deeming it "Approved" to enter your home? If you haven't yet found a product that meets the standards you would like to set for your home, I would like to introduce you to TruKid!

I contacted TruKid several months ago when I found them and they gladly agreed to a review and giveaway! I was so happy to try their products! They sent me a Body Lotion and Sunscreen to try out.

Brandon began using the Happy Face & Body Lotion right away. He really liked that it has a pump top so that he can quickly apply some after washing his hands. I love that their website clearly spells out the ingredients in every product and even shows you which ingredients are ORGANIC! You can also read reviews for each product, too.

We do not use sunscreen unless we will be in direct sunlight for more than 2 hours or we are swimming as the sun reflects so much off of the water. We used their Sunny Days SPF 30+ Natural Sunscreen when we took a recent trip to Florida. I loved how easily it applied without seeming oily at all! My husband even apply to to his shaved head and it absorbed very easily. I love that it is made from minerals and does not have chemicals in it. This was the first year EVER that we took a trip to Florida and NO ONE got sunburned! This stuff is the BEST sunscreen I have ever tried.

Here is a list of all of the ingredients that TruKid uses in their products It even tells you were the ingredient derived from and what it does!

One of my favorite things about TruKid - they use a symbol system on their products. This helps ensure kids who are not yet reading about what the product is and what is is used for :)

TruKid also lists a long list of ingredients that should be avoided in skincare products. If you have not yet begun to investigate this for your family, this is a great place to start! The best part is that the list even explains why they do not use those ingredients in their products and why you should avoid using them.

Here are some silly songs and rhymes to encourage your children to get clean and use their sunscreen as needed. Don't forget to print out some TruKid coloring pages for the kiddos too! TruKid also has Earn-A-Star Checklists to help kids keep track of the good things they do such as brushing their teeth, eating a healthy breakfast, applying sunscreen when needed, etc. You will also find some "How To's" at that link about how to wash your face and how to apply sunscreen.

Overall, I give TruKid an A+ for family friendliness and eco-friendliness!

You can receive a FREE Happy Face & Body Lotion with any order of $30 or more on the Trukid website! Use Coupon Code: happymom (1 use per customer)

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