Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Holiday Season Can Be So Exhausting!

It feels as though I have been go-go-going since before Thanksgiving! We spent a lovely week on vacation then followed by our return and the many reviews involved with that. Then the mad rush of sponsors came in who wanted a review posted for them before Christmas. I still have more to go! Whew! I feel like I will never catch up! Then, add in preparing for Christmas, celebrating the Advent season with my family, being blessed by complete strangers, and driving 16 hours each way (non-stop) to NJ in a super short weekend visit in order to see my lovely niece have her bat mitzvah (which was an incredible experience) - I'm talking we left her on a Thursday after Brandon got home from school, drove straight through, arriving Friday morning. Crashing for a few hours of sleep then meeting up with some friends and family. Spending almost the entire day Saturday with my niece, nephew and family, seeing more friends Saturday night and leaving super early Sunday and driving straight through again to return home at midnight Sunday night! I am completely exhausted and it isn't even Christmas yet! I feel like I need a vacation again! lol We will visit my mom for Christmas in Kentucky. That should be fun for the kids. This is Daniella's 3rd Christmas now but her first one where she can sort of understand what is going on. She is VERY excited about opening PRESENTS! Not to mention that I feel like I am still figuring out how to be a blogger + mom + wife + child care provider! Balancing all of that gets tricky at times. Plus I have been working my tail off on my one year blogiversary event in January! I am SUPER excited about that! I cannot wait to begin revealing it all to you guys! But...for now, I need sleep. Some wonderful, uninterrupted sleep...haven't had that since before I got pregnant with Daniella :) Literally. I have not slept for more than 5 hours straight (on a good night) since my pregnancy with her. Lucky me :) Good night, my friends. Be well rested for Christmas!

How exhausted have you been lately? Do you think it is related to Christmas?

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  1. I hope you've been able to get some sleep now that the holidays are over and you've posted your blogiversary posts.