Sunday, January 27, 2013

Event #16 for My One Year Blogiversary Celebration - Review with Giveaway for Project Pomona (US and Canada only, Ends 02/10/13)

As a cloth diapering mama, I know I am not the only one who has noticed that most clothing does not fit over cloth diapers very well. I know a lot of cloth diapered kids who wear a larger size on the bottom than they do on the top to counteract this. But then the bottoms are too long, right? Boy, have I found the solution for you!

Let me introduce you to Project Pomona - she makes pants specifically for the cloth diapered child! You know how your diapers can adjust from a small size to a large size? Well, her pants adjust like that too - snaps and all! :)

This is her stock photo of the pants that I chose. They are called Organic Light Mustard. The yellow cuffs are made from organic cotton! One thing that my husband and I are very big on is ensuring that Daniella (age 2) has a handful of items for each clothing size that are gender neutral. We have chosen to do this for two resons:
1. We do not want her to be dressed up like a little princess all the time. We want her to understand the difference between play clothes and nice clothes.
2. We do not feel as though our family is complete and this ensures us of not having to buy complete wardrobes for our next child. There is already a few items of each size set aside.

This pair of pants is the perfect pair of gender neutral pants!

She had to get her sillies out before I could take pictures of her pants :) She loves this lacing bear.

This pair of pants is Project Pomona's newest size - 2T/3T. Daniella has recently outgrown everything in size 2T except for pants. Size 3T pants are still slightly too long for her. These pants are the perfect length!

They are adjustable in the waist by using snaps - just like on cloth diapers! They really fit Daniella quite well. Her bottom needed a little more "oomph" though - the pockets sagged slightly below where I would prefer them to be. But overall, they fit really well! And of course I love that they are Made in the USA!

Project Pomona also makes coordinating tees, onesies and hoodies!

You simply must check out Project Pomona's sizing chart! The sizes of her pants are geared to have your child fit in them through multiple pants sizes (i.e. size 3 mo to 9 mo, size 9 mo to 18 mo, etc.)

It is impossible to find anything else like this out there. Yes, the prices are little high, but when you think about the fact that your child can wear them for more than one clothing size, you totally get your money's worth!

One lucky winner gets one pair of Pomonas of their choice!!

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