Friday, January 4, 2013

Event #3 For My One Year Blogiversary Celebration - Review with Giveaway For Alphabet Photography (US ONLY Ends 01/18/13)

I contacted Alphabet Photography several months ago about participating in my blogiversary event and I was so excited when they agreed. I have been in love with my Family Inspirational Series framed plaque since I laid eyes on it!

Notice anything particularly unique about it? 

What is Alphabet Photography?
Alphabet Photography is the process of photographing every day objects that resemble letters of the alphabet! Our company, Alphabet Photography Inc. is the leader in the letter art industry offering over 1000 images to choose from, including monuments and landmarks world wide.

In case you cannot read it - it says "FAMILY - "A family is like fudge; mostly sweet with a few nuts." HOW TRUE IS THAT?!? :)

I absolutely love how stunning it looks on my dining room wall. The frame is gorgeous as well. It was simple to hang and even though I originally had it hung in our upstairs hallway, switching its location was easy as pie. It is lightweight and easy to carry and looks just beautiful. I have received many compliments on it as my dining room is the first room you see when you walk into our home so many people have laid eyes on it.

Alphabet Photography has a super cool feature on their website. You can make a framed print of ANY word you want! You simply type in your word and click on Make My Word. It then pulls up your word made with their special alphabet! You can then click on each letter and change it if you want a specific theme amongst the letters.

The giveaway winner will win the same Family Inspirational Series framed plaque that I did! Here is some information about it:
This unique form of alphabet art is the process of photographing everyday objects that resemble letters of the alphabet, then arranging the photographs in a collage to create any name or word. Alphabet Photography Inc. is the original and leading company in the letter art industry, and boasts the largest collection of photographs collected from around the world. Each official Alphabet® Photography art piece is hand crafted, high quality, and truly original! With letter photos from London, Paris, New York and more, we are confident that you will enjoy your Alphabet® Photography experience.

Starting on January 14th, Alphabet Photography will be offering their Love Inspirational Series framed plaque and their Love plaque mount for sale on their website for two weeks only -



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  1. I would keep this and put it in my home

  2. I like Field and Flower Organic Goats Milk Soap. You probably want to know what I liked best on Alphabet Photography. That would be the Believe picture

    1. Thanks for reminding me to update the Rafflecopter questions.

  3. I am not planning on making a purchase from Climb on

  4. I might keep it or gift it, not sure

  5. i'm not sure if I would make a purchase or not, maybe in the future

  6. I like the Create A Word the best... I'd love to have one done with our last name