Sunday, February 17, 2013

Review of CLIF Kid Zbar Crispy

I contacted CLIF Kid a few months ago and boy, were my kids excited when we finally heard back from them! They wanted us to try out there newest bars! Here is their description of them:

CLIF Kid® makes healthy snacks from organic ingredients that are specially-created for kids’ growing bodies, developing taste buds and active lives. CLIF Kid Zbar Crispy is an organic rice crispy snack for kids with a light and airy texture. Made with 8g whole grains and a sprinkling of toasted oats, Zbar Crispy is USDA-certified organic and free of trans fats, hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup; artificial sweeteners, flavors or preservatives; and ingredients sourced from GMOs. Zbar Crispy is available at select grocery and natural retailers across the country and comes in four kid-friendly flavors including Chocolate, Chocolate Chip, Cookies ‘N Cream and Peanut Butter. (SRP: $0.89 per bar; $4.49 per 6-count box)

We received one box of each flavor to try! Each box had six bars inside. Those 24 bars disappeared faster than anything I have brought home for them to eat in at least a year! I could not believe how quickly they devoured them. They were seriously all gone in only about one week and my husband only ate one bar. I did try one bar of each flavor as well.

Brandon's favorite flavor was the peanut butter. That could be because his school is peanut free so he loves to eat anything peanut butter right now even if it is only at home! :) 

Daniella loved them all equally except for the Cookies 'N Cream which she didn't like at all. Oddly, since she LOVES chocolate. 

I loved that the ingredient lists were easy to read and full of wholesome ingredients. I would like to see CLIF consider some other flavors that are not so "candy" like. Maybe fruit and nut or just fruit? I think a strawberry or citrus fruit one would be yummy! I did notice that they each had little "bits" on them - chocolate chips on the chocolate, peanut butter chips on the PB ones, etc. My son and I both felt that there was too few of them on the bars, only about 5 on each bar. The flavor of them were great though so maybe it wouldn't matter overall?

We were really pleased overall with the bars. Obviously, otherwise they would not have been eaten so quickly. They were gone before I could even take a picture of the box of the Cookies 'N Cream OR the little bits I referred to! :)

You can purchase them on the CLIF Bar website!

Check out CLIF Bar's Facebook page, too.