Sunday, February 10, 2013

YAY! More Moms Are Breastfeeding!!! But...More Moms Need to Breastfeed LONGER!

A study was done where new moms where asked whether or not they breastfed their children.

Moms in 2000            
70.3 percent at birth
34.5 percent at 6 months
16 percent at 12 months

Moms in 2008
74.6 percent at birth ( a 4.3% increase!)
44.4 percent at 6 months ( a 9.9% increase!)
23.4 percent at 12 months ( a 7.4% increase!)

The sad part here is that there was still only 23.4% of moms nursing at the one year mark that is recommend - the World Health Organization actually recommends that moms nurse for TWO YEARS. But that is 51.2% of moms who for some reason between birth and one year old stopped nursing. :( This saddens me. I know that there are probably a hundred different reasons. But I guarantee that I can narrow them down to two main reasons -
Not enough support from family/employer
Pediatrician "concerns" (not gaining "enough" weight, reflux, allergies, etc.)

One thing that I would like to see start happening is more moms REFUSING THE BAG OF FORMULA AT THE HOSPITAL! Better yet, I would love to see more hospitals not even OFFER any formula at the hospital!

I would like to encourage all moms to find one breastfeeding mom this week and do something to support her -
Offer her a comfortable place to sit to breastfeed
Offer her some water
Offer her some pumped milk if she feels some donor milk would be good for her child
See a nursing mom at the mall, daycare, or library? Tell her what a great job she is doing!

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  1. I'm a huge, huge breastfeeding fan (supporting the 'Got Breastmilk' bumper sticker on my car). This article is GREAT news with much more encouragement needed for mammas throughout the country. Yes - you can breastfeed - find help if it hurts - you are doing the best for baby and yourself!