Sunday, March 24, 2013

Review for Just Natural Organic Care

I was very pleased when Just Natural Organic Care agreed to do a review with me. I have been looking for a hair detangler that is naturally based and all I can find in the stores near my home are ones that have way to much crappy ingredients in them. Not so with Just Natural Organic Care! 

This is their Daily Spray Detangler. Here is what their website says about it:
"Combing so easy without breakage or a chemical residue.

Formulated with Hibiscus Flower Extract and Babassu to help 
reduce frizz, add shine, detangle and help silken hair.

It moisturizes dry brittle hair with deep penetrating Olive and 
Chamomile Roman softens, detangles, and adds strength that 
protects hair from damage.

Restores moisture and lubricates, giving hair softness, 
detangling and conditioning. Helps stops shedding, minimizes 
dryness and protects from daily heat styling damage." 

I especially love that it is:
Gluten Free
Natural & Organic
No Chemicals
No Alcohol
No Harsh Detergents
Sulfate Free
Paraben Free
Cruelty Free
Made in the USA

Let me show you how long and thick my hair is:

I have a hard time with getting tangles in my hair. Here is my new line of defense:

I have found that using a wide tooth comb that is geared for thick hair makes a big difference! Now with adding in the detangler it is SO much easier to comb to my thick hair! Both of my kids have my unfortunate thick hair and Daniella HATES with a passion to have me comb her hair. It is literally a daily battle. Since we have had the detangler, it is still a battle, but at least it is a short one! The detangler has made it MUCH easier to comb her hair. I also truly LOVE the scent it leaves behind. Since I have stopped using traditional shampoo and conditioner in lieu of doing no 'poo (baking soda and apple cider vinegar), I have missed that pretty smelling hair feeling you have when you lay down to go to sleep at night. The detangler has brought that back for me! :) (It's the little things in life, right?)

The ingredient list is great! I cannot say enough good things about it.

In fact, my favorite feature is the lock button on the trigger!!

This keeps Daniella from randomly spraying the room with it! :) 

Just Natural Organic Care has something to meet all of your needs - 

Dry Hair
Extreme Dry Hair
Frizz Hair
Grow New Hair
Hair Loss
Itchy Scalp
Oily Hair
Relaxed Hair
Scalp Problems
Thicker Hair
Thin Hair
African American Hair

PLUS, they have so much more than just hair care items.

They also threw in a bar of soap for me to try. Unfortunately, I am allergic to mango and it contains mango extract and mango butter. You don't want to see what happened to my lip after sniffing the bar before I realized this :( The bar is called "Paradise" and it sure smells divine! Because of my allergy though, my husband has had to try it out. He says that it lathers nicely and leaves a pleasant scent behind while softening his hands. I have never known of an all natural soap to smell this nice. Most are only lightly scented. This can be smelled several feet away! I love the scent!

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