Sunday, March 10, 2013

Review with Giveaway for Create Abilities For Kids (US Only, Ends 03/24/13)

I contacted Create Abilities For Kids a few months ago about doing a review and giveaway ad they happily said yes! :) Daniella LOVES to do art so I figured this would be PERFECT for her!

What is Create Abilities For Kids? 

Quality Time Bonding Over an Art Activity

Each project will allow you and your child time to spend together simply 
having fun.  Your child won't have to wait while you prepare the materials.  
All you have to do is open the kit and start.  Everything you need for the 
project is in the package; from the step-by-step instructions (with a 
finished product photo) to the brushes, paint, glue, and other items 

Create Abilities For Kids sent us a kit in December. Unfortunately, the kit was a bit messy upon arrival-

Oh, no! I immediately sent them a message with these exact pictures. Know what their response was?

"So sorry to hear and see that! Let me get another kit out to you right away." And they sure did! PLUS, they sent it priority mail! What a great company to stand behind their product like that! Included in the second kit was an apology letter as well! I was very pleased with how they handled this. Plus in the apology letter, they explained that because of what happened, they had decided to change the packaging that they used for their paints to make sure that it didn't happen again. That really impressed me! The new kit contained the newer bowls for the paint and they held up MUCH better!

Each box contained 2 kits for an art project.

The first kit was a bag of Popcorn. 

It came with an instruction sheet (which also had facts about popcorn on the back), a little pot of red paint, a little pot of  white paint, so pieces of yellow tissue paper cut into strip in a small baggie, a small lunch size paper bag, and a little pot of glue plus 3 paint brushes. The instructions were simple to follow and Daniella had a great time. We talked about patterning (alternating red and white stripes), plus she noticed that sometimes the red and white blended to make PINK! It was a great learning experience to sit down with her to work on.

The second kit got a bit messier while working on it! :)

Messy much? lol She was very tired at this point and ready for her nap!

The instructions on this one mentioned coloring the plate pieces with a blue crayon. There wasn't a blue crayon though, but there was blue paint. This kit was to make a bird out of precut paper plate pieces, blue paint, a paintbrush, glue, yarn, pipecleaners and a googly eye. I forgot to get pictures of the finished product. But she really liked doing this one!

Subscriptions begin at under $15 per month (less than most gym memberships). Packages include 2, 3 or 4 art projects each month.

Plus, Create Abilities For Kids is offering a giveaway that will be for their April Art Activity Kit, for your choice of a 3, 4 or 5 year old, containing two all-inclusive art projects.

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  1. I love that it contains projects for certain ages and they give you instructions and all items so you dont have to go searching for things.

  2. yes I think I will be checking them out my niece and nephews love to do crafts so this would save time hunting for all the items since they are all in the kits.

  3. I love that it allows kids the freedom of creativity and takes them away from tv