Sunday, March 24, 2013

Review with Giveaway for Fifi Ruffles (US Only, Ends 04/07/13)

Every time I go to look at Fifi Ruffle's Facebook page (You can also check out Fifi Ruffle's website, but it is under construction right now or find her on Twitter - @FiFiRuffles), I literally fall in love with something else. So I was super excited when she agreed to do a review with me!

This is called her Petal dress and it is even more adorable than the pictures show!! It is made with Kona cotton which is of high quality. Now, she did warn me that it wrinkles easily but she did tell me that some starch would help - and it did! :)

Full frontal view

Side view

Another full frontal view

Up close shot of the petals and her cheesy grin!

Another full frontal view

Up close shot of the flower leaves

I LOVE this dress!
View of the back which was slightly harder to dewrinkle!

The dress is slightly too big in the strap area but I think I can tighten it and it will fit a bit better

Tah-dah! :)

I plan to use this dress for Daniella to wear for Easter. We always visit my sister-in-law and brother-in-law for Easter and they live in Florida near Orlando so it gets plenty hot there! I think this dress will keep her nice and cool since it is mostly white!

I love the overall look of the dress and how more floral material is used for the leaves. I like that I can adjust the straps to get just the right fit. I LOVE the petal around her face - such a great way to highlight her adorable face! You can tell that this dress was well made. Even after washing it twice, I can see that all of the stitching will hold up especially well. The fabric is a great quality. 

Here is some more info about the fabric from Fifi Ruffles  - "Fabric is designed by illustrator Sara Jane. I am absolutely in LOVE with her fabric, prints, paper dolls etc! I plan to carry her prints and jewelry in my store soon. I have been approved to do so ;) Here is a link about her...
Why do I love???? Although I love the applique and other children's fabric out there, Sara's is a simple, non-cartoon-y, classic and refreshing way to express childhood...I don't know, I just gush over her stuff!! It's timeless!"

I agree - I have been gushing over this dress since it arrived in my mailbox!

Another note from Fifi Ruffles - "Here is a link about me that was written a couple months ago. Some details are WRONG but it gives a good gist. My biz has been only open since 5/5. I am still struggling very hard to meet expenses. I don't mind sharing this info, after all I hear it is very common in the first couple years. My store is located on the edge of a not so desirable neighborhood, so I don't get a lot of foot traffic. I have to earn each and every sale."

One last note from Fifi Ruffles - "One last thing. My main focus now is handmade. I am dabbling with organic cottons as well. My store is now 30% handmade by moi and locals ;)" - I am so excited to hear that she is beginning to incorporate organic fabrics!

Fifi Ruffles has been kind enough to extend a 10% discount to all of you only for March and April in her ESTY store. Use code "GROWING" at checkout! Don't forget to check out her blog, too -

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