Tuesday, March 5, 2013

We Made the Decision to HOMESCHOOL!

We have decided to begin homeschooling next year. We may pull Brandon out before the end of the year. Main reasons are there is no transportation to his current school and gas money in general is killing us, my husband Michael is being limited on advancement and good shifts at work (due to having to drive Brandon to school) and Brandon has had about 8 allergic reactions at school in about as many months. We are concerned about repeated exposure causing his reactions to become anaphylactic. We love his current charter school, it has been a fantastic school for Brandon, but with no buses and the allergy issue, it just isn't the best fit anymore. I am heartbroken that we had to make this decision as this is the first school where we ever felt truly welcomed and like a family. But we have to put the needs of our son and our family first. Any past or present homeschoolers, I would love some insight from you about transitioning. I have already selected a curriculum. More info to come about this as we make more decisions! I am very nervous but excited!