Friday, April 5, 2013

Beginning Homeschooling = Craziness!

Ha! Craziness describes us perfectly right now... We are about 3 weeks into our homeschooling journey and I am sure that you have noticed that I have not been blogging as much recently. Life has been crazy as we have been settling into a routine and discovering what works for us. Since I work from home, I have some flexibility in how Brandon's school day goes and what aspect I play in it and how independently he works. (Which, he primarily works independently and comes to me as questions arise.) However, I do supplement his curriculum with things I have found (mostly on my 120+ boards on Pinterest. If you haven't started following me there yet, you might want to!)

Not only do I supplement him with things from Pinterest but I also heavily use our public library. I have been contacting educational companies about reviews and giveaways as well and have heard from some so keep your eye out for those, too! So some items have begun arriving from those companies and we have used them. I have also been hitting consignment sales, thrift stores and the like since our area is huge on homeschooling and I have found lots of materials for very inexpensive prices that way (more about that in a future blog post!).

I have had to tweak his schedule some as we have gone on and found that some activities don't take as long as others. Since his primary curriculum is online, I have PE scheduled for him every day so that he has no choice but to get up and move daily for a minimum of 30 minutes.

We have also been discussing possible career interests that he has and we have added in 30 minutes daily for him to do something related to one of those. The areas that interest him the most right now are - drawing/animation, photography, and learning sign language.So we rotate those weekly. Meaning that Week A, he focuses on animation techniques; Week B, he focuses on photography tips and Week C, he learns some sign language. so he averages two to three hours a week learning something about a possible career path. Obviously, with him only being in fifth grade, we don't expect him to know what he wants as a career yet, but it is still good for him to have that time to learn about something of interest to him.

Another supplement activity that we have been doing is getting library books related to what he is learning about for science and history and each week he reads one book on each and has to write down ten things he learned from each book (and no, it is not an open book exam!). He really likes this since it is a more fun way of learning since he has some control over it by being the one to select the books from the library.

Well, keep an eye out for a future post where I will be going more into detail about homeschooling materials, Daniella and homeschooling and more!

Was beginning homeschooling as crazy for you as it has been for me????