Sunday, April 28, 2013

Review of Shooshoos Baby Shoes (Soft Soled Shoes for kids, too!)

I fell in love with Shooshoos Baby Shoes when Daniella was just a few months old and a friend of mine introduced me to them. I immediately thought that they were not only incredibly adorable baby shoes but I really liked how the sole was soft and that they were made from quality leather. Daniella was an early walker (at 9 months) so I knew I wanted her feet to be protected when she wasn't in the grass or indoors but I wanted her to feel the ground/floor beneath her. I wanted her to have flexibility in her shoes for those cute little toes to be able to move around and have room to grow. Now that she is 2 ½, I still want the same for her feet.

It has been about a year since Daniella outgrew her last pair of Shooshoos and I was super glad that Shooshoos agreed to do a review with me. Their shoes have the same excellent quality that I remember. And the "big kids" shoes are just as adorable as the baby shoes!

Daniella easily runs and plays in her Shooshoos. She has deemed them to be her new favorite shoes. She loves that she can easily put them on and take them off by herself. I love the independence factor too :).

The only minor issue I have noticed is a small amount of fraying here on this flower (which is at the edge of the "buckle", so truthfully, it gets handled a lot so I am sure that is why.)

I love that the soles are soft, but flexible! Perfect for small, but growing feet!

I just love these little tags on the heels. Super cute!

They fit her well with room to grow! Perfection. 

Even after a bunch of wear time, the soles still look new!

She is already obsessed with shoes at her age and these are by far her first choice when I ask her to select a pair to wear. 

Shooshoos was started in Cape Town, South Africa in 1996 and have grown into a worldwide brand with sales in over 20 countries, and growing fast! Selected by MOTHERCARE INTERNATIONAL. (550 Stores worldwide) as a leading leather baby shoe brand. Find Shooshoos Baby Shoes on Facebook and on Twitter too!

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