Sunday, April 7, 2013

Review with Giveaway for Bamboobies (US/Canada Only, Ends 04/21/13)

When I contacted Bamboobies about doing a review with them, I was very excited when they agreed. Their breast pads are FANTASTIC!!

I don't know about all of you, but between my two children -  I have currently been breastfeeding for a total of 52 months. - That is over 4 years! And Daniella currently breastfeeds about 2-4 times a day. With both of my children, I have always had plenty of milk. I leaked milk on a regular basis until well past the time that they began eating table food. In fact, it was not unusual for me to leak milk even after they turned one. I truly wish that I had known about Bamboobies nursing pads when they were younger!

Bamboobies even has two kinds of washable nursing pads - regular and overnight!

Regular washable pads. Front of pad on the left, back of pad on the right

Overnight washable pads. Front of pad on the left, back of pad on the right

Bamboobies nursing pads come in various packs. You can buy as few as a 4 pack (2 pairs) and as many as 12 pads (6 pairs). There are packs of just regular pads, just overnight pads or combo packs that include both!

Regular Bamboobies Fiber Contents:
Layer 1: 70% Rayon from Bamboo, 28% OCIA Certified Organic Cotton, 2% Polyester
Layer 2: 55%, 45% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton
Layer 3: Polyester with Polyurethane waterproofing

Overnight Bamboobies Fiber Contents:
Layer 1: 70% Rayon from Bamboo, 28% OCIA Certified Organic Cotton, 2% Polyester
Layers 2 & 3: 55%, 45% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton
Layer 4: Polyester with Polyurethane waterproofing 

Top row - Regular pads (outer)
Bottom row - Overnight pads (outer)

Top row - Overnight pads (inner)Bottom row - Regular pads (inner)
Bamboobies are non-toxic, eco-friendly, plus washable pads save money AND the planet! Bamboobies are made in the USA with imported fabrics.

One of my favorite features of the regular Bamboobies are that they are heart shaped - this makes them MUCH more discreet to wear than typical circular shaped breast pads. That was one thing I hated about wearing breast pads - everyone could tell that I had them on. But that just isn't so when I wore the Bamboobies regular nursing pads. Bamboobies are SUPER soft and comfortable to wear. Once I put them in, I forgot that I had them on! I would open up to nurse and Daniella would hand them to me because they fell out after me forgetting that I had them on!

Bamboobies sells more than just breast pads - Boob♥ease Soothing Therapy Pillows, bell♥ease 100% Organic Belly & Baby Butter, Boob♥ease 100% Organic Natural Nipple Balm, bamboobies Brahhh: Maternity, Nursing and Sleep Bra, bamboobies Chic Nursing Shawl, Lucky Mama Boxes and gift certificates!!

This is most definitely a website to check out if you are nursing, pregnant, or even for great baby shower or welcome baby gifts!

Bamboobies would like to offer a coupon code to you as well.  Use code GROW20 for 20% off at checkout at  This will be good for 20% any Bamboobies product (their nursing pads, nursing shawl, therapy pillows, nipple balm). Plus, Bamboobies may have a surprise special around Mother's Day - watch their Facebook page for details! ( You can also find Bamboobies on Twitter!

As a giveaway, Bamboobies would like to offer a $25.00 credit that can be applied toward any Bamboobies product at their website,  They can ship to winners in the US and Canada.  Please note that you will be responsible for shipping costs at a flat rate of $4.95 as this store credit cannot be applied towards shipping. 

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  1. If I won it would be for me and our newest arrival

  2. The thing I like most is that they are made of organic cotton and bamboo rayon velour with an inner layer of hemp and organic cotton

  3. I want to buy their overnight ones since that is when I tend to leak the most

  4. Here is my favorite

  5. I will likely get some to use with my soon-coming little one.

  6. I would probably get an overnight 4 pack, though they all look great (and I'm not sure exactly what I'll need).