Friday, April 19, 2013

Review with Giveaway for Zukay Live Foods (US Only, Ends 05/03/13) - ELEVEN WINNERS!

I have heard of lots of benefits to eating and drinking fermented foods so when I heard about the company Zukay Live Foods, I knew I have to contact them about doing a review! I was very excited when they responded with a yes! I quickly received a styrofoam case within a box that held one bottle of each of their flavors (shown above).

In the About Us section of their website, you can read how they were founded:
Hi! We’re Scott and Cathy Grzybek, and our story is a fairly simple one – perhaps, in many ways, like yours.

We’re just normal people. We’re both from rural, small-town Pennsylvania, and we had normal educations, worked normal jobs, and generally lived the good, hard-working lives expected of us. But over the years, as we got older and perhaps a bit wiser, we realized that our food sources weren’t working in our best interest.

Perhaps like yourself, we dabbled with health foods, jetting from one fad to another, but never really understanding WHAT was healthy, or what “health food” really was. All we knew was that the highly processed food and the confusion in our lives sure wasn’t making us healthier – just more out of shape than ever before.

Sometimes, though, things have a way of working themselves out. We were lucky enough to be able to move out to the beautiful Eastern Pennsylvania countryside, and we also found out about a way of living based on the whole food diets our ancestors ate. Armed now with a bit of land to play with and better knowledge than we ever had before, we quickly started growing everything we could. And it made all the difference for us.

But, food doesn’t store itself, and it doesn’t come out of the ground in a convenient fashion either. So, we learned about the ancient art of fermentation as the most natural, healthy way of preserving these wonderful gifts from our garden. And a love affair was born.

So, that’s where the idea for Zukay started. We couldn’t keep it to ourselves, and we wanted to pass on this most awesome way of eating and drinking to every one. We hope you love our products and appreciate the aura of love and gratitude we put into every bottle, and that we can be an important part of your path to a much healthier, happier you!

All our love,

Scott, Cathy, Jacob, and Noah Grzybek

Now I have been forewarned (so let me forewarn YOU) that fermented foods have a flavor that takes a bit to get used to. This is the flavor that our son chose to try and he shared with his sister.

Well, neither child liked it very much, though both were willing to try it and both drank at least 2 ounces each.

Now, Michael and I each decided to try a flavor as well. Michael chose the Veggie Medley based on the ingredient list. He liked it okay. You could taste the vegetables within and he liked that. I tried the Carrot Ginger. It had a very unique flavor. I really liked the blend of the ginger with the vegetables. 

I cannot stress enough that I was super excited about having such a healthy, probiotic filled drink available during one of the worst sick seasons in a LONG time! Read more about the probiotics here.

Here is some more information regarding eating/drinking fermented/probiotic foods - 

Overall, let me remind you that ANYTHING fermented takes time to get used to the flavors. With just a few bottles, that just isn't going to happen. But it made us feel better about trying MORE fermented foods and drinks now that we have tried the Zukay Live Foods drinks!

Anyone that likes Zukay Live Foods on Facebook and private messages them their home address can get a 4 page coupon book for $5.50 off of  7 bottles. Zukay Live Foods won't use your address for anything else! Just the booklet.

Zukay Live Foods has generously offered MULTIPLE prizes for MANY winners to have an opportunity to try their products!!
They want to give away a 6 pack of the winner's choosing/making ($24 dollar value) and ten free drink coupons to 10 runner ups! WOW!

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  1. If I won this would be for my daughter.
    twinkle at optonline dot net

  2. I think what I will like best is that you can slightly taste the vegetables in the drink.

  3. I have no plans presently to buy anything but if I win this and we really like these drinks then I may be purchasing the drinks right away

  4. I went to then to products and they listed all the flavors of drinks but would not click to go to one specific drink for the favorite item that you wanted a link to. So here is the link to those drinks but not one specific.

  5. Prize would be for the whole family!

  6. This would be for me !! I am a healthy eater always looking for new products like this. Thank you SO MUCH!! jenny at dapperhouse

  7. I love trying and finding out about new products. If I won this one, it would be for me, my children, or anyone who visited and wanted to try it.

    Elizabeth Rising Early, 31 Days

  8. This would be for both my hubbie and myself. I would be interested to give it a try after reading your review.

  9. I love the fact that the foods are fermented. Way to go in this day and age!

  10. here are the products I would love to try: