Sunday, May 19, 2013

Review with Giveaway for Parking Pal (Ends 06/02/13, US and Canada only)

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I contacted Parking Pal a couple of months ago about doing a review for all of you. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Daniella is now 2.5 years old and is growing more and more independent every day. Most days she doesn't want to sit in her stroller or hold my hand while walking in a store or on the sidewalk. She knows that she must hold a hand in the parking lot and when we open the door to leave a store, restaurant, church, etc. But most of the time, she wants to walk "all my byself" as she so adorably puts it.

She also wants to climb into her car seat by herself. Which is no easy task. I drive a Honda Pilot and her car seat is rear facing. So it is a high vehicle, plus she can't just climb up onto the floor boards and then scramble up into her seat. She has to climb up the side of the seat and then climb over the side of her car seat to get in. I stand behind her and more or less shadow her and stand ready to catch her if she missteps.
The Parking Pal allows for some of this independence while giving me some peace of mind. Imagine walking out of the store, holding your child's hand. You probably have a bag or two of purchases, your purse, your keys, possibly your cell phone (we all know that they ring most when our hands are full). Now you reach your vehicle, and what do you need to do? First, you need a free hand to unlock the door. Hmmm... But you have all of this stuff in your hands? Now that we have a Parking Pal, I simply ask Daniella to find her Parking Pal for me as we approach the truck and she is out of harm's way. She happily places her hand on her Parking Pal, allowing me the moment to unlock the door. If I need the additional 10 seconds to open the trunk to deposit my bags, I take advantage of the learning opportunities that the Parking Pal offers. I may ask Daniella to find me the letter P or to count the fish or show me the color blue. By the time she finds what I have asked for, my bags are deposited in the trunk and it is closed. My hands are now free to assist her into her car seat.

Despite this - do NOT EVER leave your child unattended while using the Parking Pal!

On the occasions that we don't utilize the Parking Pal and simply load her in, she insists that we remove the Parking Pal from the side of the truck and place it in front of her long enough for her to give it a high five! Such a goofy child. But she has truly come to love her Parking Pal and loves the independence it allows her.

When our son was young, we did something similar and asked him to place his hand on the car door. He would commonly complain that the car door was hot. The Parking Pal, being a magnet, does not generate heat. Not once, even in Hotlanta, has it been too hot for her little hands.

Parking Pal has recently come out with a new product as well that is a wall decal for a Emergency Phone List that you place on the wall by the phone. It is recommended that you write on it with a fine tip marker. You can use a permanent marker. You can remove it to fix mistakes or update numbers with 91% alcohol if needed. And because it is a wall decal, you can remove it and re-position it or move it to another room that has a phone!

I haven't tried out the Penalty Pal but this is a wall decal they make that can be used to designate a specific time out spot.

Parking Pal Magnet is generously offering a discount code for all of you for 20% off!  Use discount code PP2013. Parking Pal is letting one lucky winner receive a Parking Pal and an Emergency Phone Number List! a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Little things like this are so important to help keep the kids safe. Great idea!

  2. I'd be winning this for my 2 year old son!

  3. I love that Parking Pal gives me a little piece of mind when in parking lots...I'm always so anxious about my munchkin running off!

  4. I like the FishPal and MonsterPal the best!

  5. My kids may be a little old for this one... but it would be great for my grandson who is often with me when I go places. I think I would use with him, or pass along to one of the daughter in laws. Thanks for the giveaway

  6. What I like about it is the bright colors - eye catching for kids. Just the overall safety of having them close to the car.