Sunday, May 12, 2013

Review with Giveaway for SoftBums Cloth Diapers (U.S. Only, Ends 05/26/13)

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I was very excited when I learned about SoftBums cloth diapers. Not only are the diapers made in the USA, but I really love how custom fitting they are! So when SoftBums agreed to let me do a review for all of you, I was all over it! Please read the About Us section on the SoftBums website to learn more about how they got started!

SoftBums has two versions of cloth diapers, the Omni and the Echo. Plus, both versions are available with either Velcro closure or snap closure so you can truly have the cloth diapers of your dreams!!
Since Daniella is really into farm animals, I just knew that she would love the Cowie print. I chose to review an Omni with Velcro closure. She instantly fell in love with the Cowie print! I love the brightness of the green on the diaper.

SoftBums also have an awesome NEW one size pods as the inserts! These are HUGE and incredible at absorbing.

While these pods are incredible, I do believe that it is a little deceptive that the diapers are marketed as Made in the USA while the pods are made in China. :(  I do not see that listed anywhere on their website, but the tag on the pod says so. 

This Omni diaper is geared to fit all legs widths from 4" - 14" for NO red marks EVER. Made to fit babies from 5lbs to toddlers up to 40 lbs.

^Very minor, barely visible fraying on the edges of the Velcro. This does not affect it's usage^

^To use it as a cover^

^To use it as an insert since the Omni is multi purpose, you can use it as a pocket, a cover or an AI2!^

^SlideSize feature allows you to get a true custom fit for your little one! This eliminates the need for rise snaps^

^This is where the SlideSize feature tucks away so that it is not against your little one's skin^

^The diaper is well fitting and very trim despite the size of the pod. Daniella weighs 28 lbs.^

Shortly after receiving the Cowie (As Daniella calls it!), we used it as a pocket and unfortunately, Daniella had diarrhea in it. Maybe I just have a sensitive nose but it took 5 washes plus some sunning to fully get the smell out of the shell. Ick!
Overall, the diaper is great. Now that Daniella is day time potty trained and *mostly* overnight trained (Only wakes up wet two, maybe three times a week), this diaper will soon be retired in the hopes that we will be blessed with another child. In the meantime, I am sure that it will help us to continue waking up with dry bedding = NO LEAKS! :)

**I do recommend to SoftBums that the edit their website to indicate that their pods are made in China.**

Each month, SoftBums puts out a special new print or color! They call this Calendar Bums. Each and every month they introduce a new limited edition color or print. It varies from Omni to Echo and Velcro or Snaps. This month's is Grape for May's Calendar Bum! Grape is great for those little princesses, but little boys can totally rock the purple too (especially those Minnesota sports fans)!

Thank you for your review. Some of our pods are in fact made in the USA. All of the shells are :) The pods (inserts) are difficult for us to make in the states while keeping the price affordable for our customers; so some are made in China. We've found some awesome American agents to partner with overseas that scout out the best factories to make these products fairly - We only use factories that are fair trade certified.

Also, we wanted to let you know that we will be updating our site to say that the super pods are made in China, just fyi :)

YAY! :) I am super glad to hear ALL of this! :) Thank you, SoftBums!

One lucky winner gets to win a SoftBums Omni  with a super dry touch pod!

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  13. if i won it would be for my daughter.