Saturday, May 25, 2013

Review with Giveaway for White-o-Coccoli Children's Tableware (US and Canada only, Ends 06/08/13)

Disclaimer: I received products for just the cost of shipping in exchange for my opinions about them. I was not required to write a positive review in exchange.

White-o-Coccoli - Sounds like broccoli, only your children will love seeing their "green"' products at the table!

Daniella was so excited to receive White-o-Coccoli's new line of tableware to try out. She received the 3 piece Pink Princess themed bamboo fiber tableware set, plus a Smiley Spoon (made from bamboo).. 

This bamboo fiber tableware is made to replace plastic and melamine children's tableware. The bamboo fiber is an eco-friendly alternative that is made from bamboo pulp which has been heated and pressed into shape. This process allows the bamboo tableware to be colored using a soy based, food-safe coloring. The tableware is dishwasher safe, waterproof, and heat safe.

You can use and wash this tableware just like any others! It can be used for up to three years after it was first washed (which is comparable in how long "typical" children's tableware is good for) and then you can BURY it into the ground where it will NATURALLY decompose over the next three years! What a great way to teach your child about composting! :) 

When you wash the tableware, be sure not to scrub it with abrasive sponges because there is no melamine coating to protect the pictures that are on it. The loving mama who makes these wants to keep those chemicals away from your kids! The pictures will fade over time however, the color will last as long as the tableware itself does.

Each three piece set includes a cup ( 2 3/4" diameter x 4" high), a bowl (5 3/4" diameter x 2" high) and a plate (7 3/4" diameter).

I highly recommend getting your child a Smiley Spoon to go with their set! Your child's name can be engraved in the handle!

Daniella LOVES using her "big girl" Princess cup. So far, she only drinks water from it (which is her main drink anyway), but with as well as she is doing, she will "graduate" to her almond milk being added soon. 

A small note that I wanted to make about the Princess design in particular - for those of you, like me, who are not fond of the Disney "push" to make your daughter a princess, this is the set for you! While it has a princess on the plate (with a unicorn), the bowl has just a castle and the cup has a unicorn! Daniella loves the cup the most as she is into "magical creatures" thanks to her brother's love of Harry Potter :) You can't find too many unicorn things for young girls. I do wish that there was a yellow, light blue or purple option for the princess theme as Daniella doesn't love pink as much as those colors! :)

White-o-Coccoli offers 4 great sets of children's bamboo fiber tableware:

                                                               GREEN - Dinosaurs
PINK - Princess
BLUE - Underwater

Benefits to using White-o-Coccoli's Tableware include:

-Human friendly
- Earth friendly
-Fun for kids
-Encourages child to eat
-Great prices
-Made from a renewable resource

Don;t forget to check out their blog to recipes! 

Here is a note from our sponsor:

"I would love for parents to know that the bamboo fiber line is dishwasher safe (under 115*), stackable, and Eco safe! Use it for up to three years then simply bury in the ground or toss, your mind can be at ease knowing that it will naturally decompose over the next three to six years!
The bamboo fiber is smooth to the touch and has also been a real favorite for children with autism!

 I would also love for parents to know that I am just one Ma on a mission to rid the world of plastic and melamine tableware for children by offering parents Eco friendly alternatives that are just as good for our children as they are for the planet!

White-o-Coccoli is always offering different specials on all of our fun products! Keep your eyes peeled on our website or facebook page to keep up to date with the latest sales and specials! FREE Eco tote with every bamboo fiber purchase for all of your readers!"

White-o-Coccoli has generously offered to provide four personalized bamboo children's spoons to the winner of the giveaway! Each spoon is personalized by hand so even the most unique names can be displayed! Up to 12 letters per spoon.

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  1. I love that its eco-friendly. I would pick the princess design, these little things can make such a big difference to kids having fun eating meals.

  2. Love to use this for my kids... if I won :-) Great review! I like this bamboo dishwear. Very Cool!

  3. I love that fact that you can bury this and it decomposes naturally. Most other dishwear does not do that!

  4. I would use this with my daughter!

  5. I would use this with my daughter!

  6. We would use these with our lovely daughter :)

  7. We love that it is eco-friendly, that the designs are cute and that they are made by a Canadian mama!

  8. I appreciate that any name can be personalized-my kids have a hard time with the pre-stamped names!