Tuesday, July 23, 2013

BabyLegs! Review WITH Giveaway! TWO WINNERS! (US and Canada Only, Ends 08/10/13)

Disclosure: I received two pairs of BabyLegs in exchange for my honest opinion about them.

I don't know about you, but I am totally in LOVE with BabyLegs! We have owned quite a few pairs since Daniella was born and I was so glad to add more to our collection. I have normally only cared for solid colored ones so that they are easy to mix and match but the pairs that I was sent to review opened my world to so many more possibilities!

BabyLegs are arm and leg warmers that are wonderful for layering, wearing in place of tights or leggings, and are a WONDERFUL addition to cloth diapering! It is so easy to change any diaper though if you child is wearing BabyLegs as you can leave them on while changing the diaper. And BabyLegs are for girls AND boys!

A pink floral pair and an organic pink striped pair!

Aren't they adorable? Trust me, they are even cuter on!

Noticed how they roll down a bit from her chunky thighs? :) Makes me want to squeeze those rolls! :)

I love the little frill at the bottom.

                                                        I love how she struck a pose here!

The great part is that both of these BabyLegs could easily mix and match with either of these dresses!

Each pair was worn a couple of times and washed and they both held up well through the washing cycle, as have all of our other BabyLegs.

What I love best about BabyLegs is that they can be used for several years making them a great investment! Daniella started wearing hers around 9 months old and can still fit into them and I am sure they will fit her until she is at least 6! And even when they no longer fit as leg warmers, she can use them as arm warmers!

 In their upcoming Fall 13’ Line they are introducing a Gender Neutral collection that is organic and latex free! I <3 anything="" gender="" nbsp="" neutral="" p="">

BabyLegs has a current sale running for their Back to School Sale- New Styles at 3 for $15.00!

They will have another sale August 19th-21st for 20% off Varsity warmers!

BabyLegs has a sister company named TicTacToe- TTT has a wide assortment of basic, fashion and special occasion legwear ranging from booties, crew socks, knee socks, leggings, and tights in sizes from newborn through teens. Currently they are offering 50% off all graphic socks and spring tight colors + free shipping. There is no coupon code needed. Offer is valid until 7-14-13. www.tictactoesocks.com

BabyLegs has generously offered a great giveaway with two winners!!

Boys- Pick Up Sticks Warmer: Five...Six...Pick up sticks! Bring the games of your childhood back to life this spring with our Pick Up Sticks legwarmers and arm warmers. They make every outfit a winner!  Fun & Games Socks- Just like your little one, our Fun and Games legwarmers are programmed for play! Pair them with any outfit and you'll come out a winner!

Girls-  Serenity Warmer: Peaceful spring days are the perfect time for our Serenity legwarmers and arm warmers featuring a graceful and simple floral pattern. Peace Socks: Calm and peaceful, these socks will improve the aura of any outfit with their beautiful colors and simple flowered patterns.

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  1. I've seen these before and think they are so adorable! My kids are too big for the baby legs but I'm really curious about the tictactoesocks sister company. Didn't know about that one.

  2. How absolutely adorable! I love these and they look so sweet on those legs. They’ll be awesome in the fall and winter too!

    Elizabeth T, Early Riser

  3. The prize would be for our baby girl :)

  4. I like all of the designs and options they offer! Really cute stuff :)

  5. I don't have any babies.. so if I won, I think I would give as a gift to someone who has a little one or is expecting one. My daughter babysits a little girl, so maybe that would be good!! They are very very cute! Had never heard of them before or the tic-tac company either. Thanks for sharing

  6. So cute, those baby legs will grow so fast. Enjoy them!

  7. I love leg warmers for my little one; they are the perfect transition and layer for inclement weather, easy to don and doff, and so cute! These look like great leg warmers that grow with little ones and I would love to give them a try!

  8. My sweet little 5 month old!

  9. I'm going to try a pair of Kaleidoscope legwarmers for my little one.

  10. If I won, the prize would be for my 20 month old daughter. :)