Thursday, July 25, 2013

Teeccino - America's Favorite Coffee Alternative! Review with Giveaway with 16 Winners! (US Only, Ends 08/13/13)

Disclosure: I received free products from Teeccino in exchange for my honest review.

I received the Teeccino Mediterranean Herbal Coffee, Teechia Super Seeds Cereal and Teeccino Chocolate Organic Herbal Coffee to review. 

Hazelnut - YUM!

Super yummy!!


This is what the Teechia looks like.

Served out into bowls.

Mixed with hot water.

Mixed in some plain Greek yogurt for creaminess.


Stirred it all up! Then we enjoyed it! It definitely has a unique texture. Sort of like oatmeal, but definitely not oatmeal. More flaky, I guess would be a good way to describe it. We added no additional sweetener as this was just before we started the Maximized Living Advanced Plan Healing Diet so we were cutting back on sweeteners at the time to prepare.But it was plenty sweet enough. Dates are pretty sweet fruits. Now that we will begin transitioning to gluten free soon from grain free, this will be a staple for me, I think! I really enjoyed it.

The Teeccino Chocolate Herbal Coffee is very unique. It literally tastes like chocolate tea. SO delicious! 

The Mediterranean Herbal Coffee was a very good hazelnut blend and it was a light flavor and oh, so good!

Here is what Teeccino says on their website:
Coffee drinkers blend Teeccino with coffee to reduce caffeine and acidity or drink Teeccino in the afternoon and evening.

People who are motivated by health to quit coffee kick the caffeine habit with Teeccino.

Kids love Teeccino as a healthy alternative to caffeinated drinks like coffee and hot chocolate.

They even have samplers of various flavors available that ship for free - if you would like to try more than one flavor. There's a store locator on as well - but TeeChia is not in stores yet.

During the month of July, receive a free sample of Southern Pecan with orders over $25 and their Flavor of the Month is Chocolate Mint, so all pack sizes are 15% off .

Plus Teeccino has generously offered discount code for my readers! Receive 20% off all Teeccino & TeeChia products - expiring on August 31st at midnight. Use Code: GROWINGUP2013

Teeccino has VERY generously decided to hold a giveaway with SIXTEEN winners!!! WOO-HOO!!

Grand Prize: 11oz bag of Teeccino, 10-ct box of Teeccino, 6-Serving bag of TeeChia

Small prizes (15): 1 Teeccino tee-bag + 1 TeeChia single-serve sample

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  1. If I won, the prize would be for my daughter who loves this!
    twinkle at optonline dot net

  2. I would love to try this coffee - especially the chocolate!

  3. If I win it will be for me :)

  4. If I win it will be for me. Maybe I'll share with my husband and daughter :)

  5. I've been drinking Teechino for years and love it! It's caffeine free, tastes great and is healthy!

  6. I am almost out so I'll be purchasing some teechino soon. I usually get the french roast or mocha.

  7. I love that it is herbal coffee and it is delicious with many flavors.
    twinkle at optonline dot net