Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Importance of Literacy/Nordic Naturals Announces its Back to School Essentials Product Promotion!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored Post by Nordic Naturals. I received free products in exchange for writing this post.

Literacy is extremely important to me. My son began reading at the age of four and I have a feeling that my daughter will be reading before that age. As a parent, I feel that it is one of the most important tools that I give my child. After all, how can you read about history and science and other subjects without first conquering reading? I cannot imagine what life must be like for people who can't read or read well. It must be a daily struggle.

I truly believe that kids who read succeed. Kids who read can have such a creative imagination and can feel like they can travel the world by simply picking up a book! Not to mention just everyday life. Menus, employment applications, street and store signs, and nutritional labels are all things that need to be read on a fairly regular basis. Not to mention Facebook. Not sure what I would do without Facebook. :)

This picture makes a good point about whether or not our children are reading also proves a point about something else that goes hand in hand with literacy - spelling. Notice that "According" is spelled "Acording"? Makes you wonder if the person who created it did not have good literacy skills themselves.

Nordic Naturals, the leading manufacturer of omega-3 supplements for kids and adults, announces its Back to School Essentials product promotion, which supports the U.S. Literacy Program for the non-profit Save the Children ( From July 1 through September 30, $1 will be donated for every bottle sold at retail stores of the following products: Baby’s DHA, Children’s DHA™, Omega-3.6.9. Junior™, Ultimate Omega Junior®, and Nordic Berries™.
Here are the items that this promotion works with so that you can try to find them more easily at your store!

“Supporting learning in children has always been a passion for us at Nordic Naturals,” notes Keri Marshall, Chief Medical Officer for the company. “Omega-3s have proven themselves as important building blocks not only for overall health in children but in supporting a child’s ability to learn. We are proud to be associated with Save the Children and to support their meaningful work to improve childhood literacy in this country.”

Nordic Naturals has generously sponsored a giveaway! One person will win:
1) 1 box of Omega-3 Jellies
2) Nordic Naturals coloring book
3) Children's Swag Bag
4) T-shirt

The total product value for this prize is: $35

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  1. If I won, the prize would be for my son. He is one of the children who has struggles with reading because of a processing disorder. My daughter was reading at 4 years old, as was I. It has been so much harder for my son, and I believe in natural products. That is what I like about Nordic products - building blocks to natural solutions are important to my family and to me. I know I will buy the product, even if I win. If I have more than one because of that, I will give one away.