Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Past Few Weeks Have Been Crazy!

It all started when our 6.5 year old air conditioning unit broke. We went without upstairs air conditioning for over a week! We only used the downstairs unit sporadically so as to not overuse it. Well, it just so happens that my office is located upstairs. I wasn't going up there to blog in that heat!

Even though our air conditioning unit was replaced two weeks ago, I still have neglected my blog for the most part. It's been crazy busy around here. Michael and I both have been working more hours. I have also been preparing lesson plans and doing lots of prep work for our first full year of homeschooling! I am so excited about it. Brandon and I have been having lots of discussions about what he wants to learn about. Check out my boards on Pinterest for some inspiration in your own lesson planning!

We have also been reconfiguring our home to have the space that we have work the best way for our needs. We have a formal dining room that is never used. So we sold our kitchen table and chairs and moved the dining room table and chairs into the kitchen. We made our formal dining room into a formal living room. The original living room has been made into a play room/school room. Now the space is working for us better.

I have several reviews with attached giveaways that are all scheduled to roll out this week. You can't win if you don't enter! Next week, our family will be on vacation. Keep an eye out for reviews of our experiences there (Hint: We will be in the Orlando, Florida area).