Sunday, August 25, 2013

Help Your Children Learn With Activity Bags (Review with Giveaway, OPEN WORLDWIDE, Ends 09/04/13)

Disclosure: I received a free product in exchange for my opinion about it.

Activity Bags? What are Activity Bags, you ask?

Well, according to their website, Activity Bags are:

Self guided activities that a preschooler can do by himself with little to no help. He can see immediately if the activity was done correctly and each activity is contained in a one gallon zip top bag. These activities are fun for the child to do and they teach a valuable skill at the same time.

What do we say an Activity Bag is?

FUN IN A BAG! Well, in our case, a manila envelope. Let me show you about our Activity Bag. First of all, you don't purchase the bag from the company. You purchase an e-book of the activities that you prepare yourself and place in a bag, or in our case, an envelope. It has everything ready for you except a few small, mostly household items that you already have, to add to it. 
Above is the cover photo of the e-book we received called Reading Games in a Bag e-book 1. There are 20 games listed in this book. There are games using sight words, phonics, syllables, and more! I would say that these activities are mostly geared towards grades K-4, with a couple that are for 5th and 6th grade. Unfortunately, Daniella is not quite ready for any of them yet. (She is currently doing upper preschool, lower pre-k work.) Brandon was only able to do one of them. The rest were too simple for him. (He is currently in 6th grade.) Here is the one that Brandon could do:

Brandon has been doing a 50 states studies unit.

This game is designed to help children learning the abbreviations of the 50 states. Everything comes pre-typed in the e-book, including instructions, pieces , game board and answer key. Just simply print, cut the pieces apart and place it in a bag or envelope like we did!

The state abbreviation cards.

We did put the little pieces into a smaller zip top bag which we then placed in the envelope.

We labeled the envelope clearly so that we can find it when we are looking for it.

Now the instructions did encourage us to use various colored cardstock, but we just printed it on plain computer paper. If I were going to do these with younger children, I probably would have done that! But Brandon is older and able to take better care of things.

The game instructions suggested using pennies or buttons as game pieces. We selected paper clips because it was something easy on hand to grab at the moment.

The object of this game was to select a card and name the state that the abbreviation is for. Whoever names ten in a row correctly first, wins!

Brandon did very well with this game and it has helped him with learning the abbreviations.

I cannot wait for Daniella to get a little older. These activities will be great for me to give her to do independently while I am working, while I am helping Brandon with his school work, while  am cooking or doing laundry, etc. I think that they will do a good job of keeping her entertained and busy (while learning!) when I need just a few minutes to compete something.

There are lots more books than just Reading! Check out all of the products that Activity Bags has available!

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