Friday, August 16, 2013

Learning Made Fun With Lakeshore Learning Material's Quiz Interactive Game Show Computer Software! Review with Giveaway (USA Only, Ends 08/31/13)

Disclosure: I received free products in exchange for my opinion about them.

I am very excited to partner with Lakeshore Learning Materials for this review to tell you all about the two Quiz Interactive Game Show computer softwares that we got to try out. We received their Science Quiz Interactive Game Show and their Social Studies Quiz Interactive Game Show to try. Both are geared towards grades 4-6, ages 9+. Brandon was very excited to include these in his homeschooling this year.

Brandon is currently in his second week of sixth grade and has incorporated playing these games each once a week into his homeschooling schedule. That will be ongoing for the entire school year. We love how interactive the games are and that they are played Jeopardy style to encourage making learning fun!

I love how each game came with its own single license certificate!

You can select 5 categories for each game out of 15.

Then you can select up to 6 teams! We each play against the other whenever he plays!

Brandon is currently learning about the 50 states and capitols so I love that there is a category directly about that! 

This is how you know you got the answer correct!

This is what happens when you answer incorrectly.

You also get this response to a correct answer!

At the end, it tells you who wins!

Brandon loved that it is Juan Ponce de Leon who "hosted" the show!

 Another time that we played, we got this at the end! It was kind of neat, but we were bummed that there wasn't some sort of "Tie breaker question" to determine an actual winner!

Here are some pictures of the Science version! The games are both played in the same manner.

For the Science version, you also pick out five categories out of 11 available.

Overall, we both highly enjoyed playing them and the mild competition that ensued. It has been interesting for me to see what I know! :) (Or, don't know, in some cases...)

The only thing that either of us would like to see changed it the tie breaker!

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