Saturday, September 28, 2013

Decorate Your Home With Canvas Pop (Review with Giveaway, Ends 10/20/13, US and Canada Only)

Disclosure: I received two canvases in exchange for my honest opinion about them.

The two canvases on the outer sides are both from Canvas Pop. I was not supposed to originally review two canvases for them, but only one. Let me tell you about their stellar customer service that led me to end up with TWO 16x20" canvas print, with a 0.75" gallery wrap canvases and why I ended up falling in love with both of them in the end.

This is the canvas that I was originally sent by Canvas Pop to review. It is a canvas made from an uploaded cell phone picture of Daniella being goofy and striking a pose while modeling a shirt that I did a review for. It's an adorable picture, isn't it? I couldn't wait for it to arrive in the mail and stalked my mail carrier for days waiting on its arrival. But, when it arrived, I was quite disappointed. When I looked closely at her face on the canvas, it appeared distorted.  I was so saddened by that. I immediately emailed my Canvas Pop representative and let her know my thoughts about the canvas.

Close up picture of the canvas that has some distortion. It's hard to see in this picture though. Her face looks fuzzy.

She responded in LESS THAN 20 MINUTES! This was her fantastic response:

Oh no! That's not good, I'm so sorry to hear this. The designer did mention your image had a bit of a soft focus (caused from motion), that we smoothed out on our end. Perhaps that is what translated onto the larger print. This is definitely not the kind of quality we normally pride ourselves in. We do have a 100% love guarantee on our canvases, meaning if you don't like it...we reprint it free of cost. I'd love to send you out a new canvas, that you'll be able to proudly hang in your home. 

She then asked me to send a new picture. I debated for a couple of days but finally selected another one and sent it to her. She again responded quickly. I received my new canvas within just a couple of weeks and I COULD NOT LOVE IT MORE THAN I DO!

This picture was taken on Daniella's first visit to a local splashpad where she had such a great time playing in the water! The canvas is beautiful and I absolutely love it. Because I ended up with two instead of the original one that I had planned, I hated the idea of not hanging up both of them even though I was not yet in love with the first canvas. The wall that I originally planned to hang just the one canvas was not large enough for them both so I reconfigured and added in another canvas that Michael had done for my first Mother's Day after Daniella was born and arranged the three together in our formal living room over the sofa. This is a very prominent wall that is seen as soon as you walk into our home. I have clients who are in my home almost daily, plus friends that drop by as well. In the approximate 2 months since they have hung there, I have received countless comments and feedback about the canvases. Everyone has loved them and thinks that they are simply adorable! The more that they have hung on the wall, the more that I have come to love BOTH of them. The distortion that is in the original canvas is not as prominent when viewing it from a distance. (i.e. the foyer/hallway that leads into the formal living room).

I just want to reiterate one last time what stellar customer service that Canvas Pop has. I cannot emphasize that enough. I am so super pleased with how they handled my concern.

And I just have to add in a small kudos to my husband, Michael, as he hung them on the wall and they actually hang evenly! You have no idea how proud of him that made me! :) Such a huge accomplishment in our home.

Oh, and don't let me forget to mention that Canvas Pop includes all hanging hardware installed, they use high quality piano wire, rubber bumpers to protect your wall and they even include the nail with which to hang it! Plus Canvas Pop is GREEN -
Their photo canvas prints are made to last 100 years ensuring they don’t end up in the landfill. All their shipping boxes are made from 100% recycled cardboard. Even their printers are ENERGY STAR™ rated.
AND - They make all their canvas prints using the best workers in the world -- American workers!

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