Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Homeschooling and/or Unschooling With Pinterest Series, Post One

How many of you love Pinterest? I know that I do! I am frequently on Pinterest looking for ideas to use with my children for their learning. This is our first full year of homeschooling and we are definitely beginning to lean more heavily towards unschooling our kids. I currently have over 200 boards on Pinterest, easily divided up into categories so that I can find exactly what I am looking for that goes along best with my children's current interest!

You can find all of my Pinterest boards at BeckyatGUNIHCC.

This post will be the first in a series that will highlight the various boards that I have available. This first post will focus more on my almost three year old daughter who is currently doing upper preschool/lower pre-k work.

Daniella's newest interests include learning to verbally spell and write her name and finding rhyming words. So the boards that I will focus on today will be Learning to Write Your Name and Rhyming

Learning to Write Your Name activities - 

This picture illustrates perfectly a HUGE pet peeve that I have with children learning to write their name. Parents and teachers unknowingly tend to make the process harder by first teaching the child using all capital letters. Where in life do we spell our name in all caps? 

This board currently has about two dozen pins on it. So far, I have put the verbal spelling of her name to a tune so that hopefully she will learn it more easily. My son learned how to verbally spell his name on his third birthday. Daniella's third birthday is about 6 weeks away so she is about on par with him it seems. 

Some of the suggestions in this board include:

Writing your name using your finger in flour, cornstarch, corn meal, etc. Place some on a cookie sheet to keep the mess down!

Matching letter magnets to the letters in a written form of the child's name.

Shaping play-doh into the letters of your name.

Use clothespins that have letters on them that spell out the child's name to clip onto a sheet of paper, paper plate, piece of foam, etc that has the child's name on it. Challenge your child by including more letters than there is in their name!

Rhyming activities - 

Word Family examples

This board currently has about 50 pins on it. Daniella's newest game includes asking me if two specifics words rhyme. For example, she will say to me, "Mama, bug and ladybug rhyme!". I will gently correct her and say, "Those words do sound alike, don't you? They sound alike because the word "bug" is in the word "ladybug"." Another example that she will say would be, "Mama, bug and bed rhyme!". To which I respond, "Those words sound alike because they both start with the letter 'b'! I am proud of you that you heard the letter 'b' in both of them!". As you can see, she hasn't quite figured out what rhyming means yet. But that's okay, she is working on it! We also a few word family books that we read with her when she is interested that should help her get this skill down.

Some of the suggestions in this board include:

Rhyming word sticks

Rhyming worksheets

Green Eggs and Ham Rhyming Words Flashcards

Cat in the Hat Rhyming Words Activity

Well, I hope that these boards come in handy to help you with your homeschooling or unschooling lessons. Please feel free to follow these boards, any others or all of my boards on Pinterest! 

What current interests do your children have? Do you think that Pinterest could help you teach them about it? 

I would love to hear your thoughts about this post and any ideas for future posts in this series!