Sunday, September 22, 2013

Lovely Hair Accessories From Lilla Rose (Review with Giveaway, Ends 10/15/13, US, Canada, and Mexico ONLY)

Disclosure: I received a free product in exchange for my honest opinion about it.

This is the gorgeous Scrollwork Heart Flexi clip that I received to review for Melissa's Lilla Rose-Independent Consultant. I wish the picture was better but I kept getting horrible flash glares! This picture does not do this clip ANY justice as it is simply beautiful! Go to the link though, it shows just how beautiful it truly is!
I needed a size large as I have very thick and long hair. Check out the Lilla Rose Sizing Chart to help determine what size you will need!

Of course, shortly after receiving the clip, I cut my hair and made a 7" donation of three ponytails to Locks of Love. Here my hair is not as long as I normally wear it. Knowing that I would simply regrow my hair to where it had been, I chose the larger size . But at least these pictures give you an idea of how I wore the Flexi Clip!

I did have some trouble initially getting the Clip to fasten. I don't know if that was just "operator deficiency" or if it was due to the hair cut. My hair has already regrown several inches so I should be able to determine that better soon! :)

I still cannot get over how simply gorgeous the hair clip is. I really, really love it and cannot wait to use it more often. I love that I can easily dress it up or tone it done. I can wear it with a fancy dress or just with jeans! :)

 The Flexi Clip is patented by the founder, John Dorsey. This is marked on the clip.  Lilla Rose and his original company Flexi-8 is the only place you can buy them! 

               Lilla Rose has a variety of products besides the Flexi Clip, including bobby pins, hair sticks, badge holders, and you-pins.

               One of Melissa's favorite facts about the Flexi Clip is that they are made with music wire which is what makes them so flexible and they are hand made.

               If you are left handed, you can get the Flexi Clip switched so that the design is facing the right way.  To do this just let the consultant know before you order so that she can alert the company of which Flexis you need left handed.   You may also want to do this with minis in sets of two so you can wear them as barrettes.  Some designs are the same either way so they wouldn't need to be adjusted.

Melissa is running a special sale - just for you! Buy 3 Get 1 Free:  Any new Lilla Rose customer that orders 3 items and registers on her site (, will earn 1 free product up to $16.  To redeem, you must email her at with your customer number, order number for the first 3 items, and the item number for your free item choice. This would be great to grab and stick away for a Christmas present for someone on your list!!

Melissa has generously offered a giveaway!! The giveaway is for a FREE ITEM up to $16. To redeem the free item you must register as a customer on her site.

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