Thursday, October 24, 2013

Are You Not Getting Pregnant As Quickly As You Had Hoped? Test At Home With SpermCheck Fertility! (Review with Giveaway,Ends 11/20/13,US Only)

Disclosure: We received one free test kit in exchange for our honest opinion about it.

Let me give you a little bit of background information before I tell you about SpermCheck Fertility. I have been pregnant four times. I lost baby Jessica in December 2000 before I had Brandon in 2002. Then we began trying to another baby when Brandon was five and a half years old in July 2007. Due to our Catholic beliefs, we do not believe in infertility treatments that create a baby outside of the womb. Which really limits you when you want a baby! We finally conceived naturally in January 2010 and I gave birth to Daniella in October 2010 (Yes, she will be THREE next week!). We somewhat avoided trying to get pregnant again until she was three months old (we weren't sure that we could handle two babies under the age of one!). We had heard numerous stories about once you CAN get pregnant, you are very fertile! Well, time came and went and while we were not actively trying, we were certainly open to life and were not preventing or avoiding a pregnancy. Lo and behold, I surprisingly conceived our little Shiloh in November 2011. Sadly, I lost Shiloh on my birthday the following January. Since losing Shiloh, we have been actively trying to get pregnant again to no avail.

Michael was diagnosed with a very low count (20+ million is considered normal. He had less than 5,000.) and low motility (they didn't swim correctly and/or fast enough) when we were trying for Daniella. I was diagnosed with PCOS, but primarily low progesterone. So we were double whammied.

Because I chart my cycles, I know that I still have progesterone issues but we wanted to see if we could rule Michael out as a secondary issue yet so that was where SpermCheck Fertility came in...

This is the test kit that we received from SpermCheck Fertility.

The instructions for how to read the kit were very clear on the packaging. 

Here is a list of the package contents.

Once I opened the box, the contents didn't look that different from some pregnancy tests.

Solution to blend with semen.

Collection cup

Test itself

Part of the box is used to hold the solution bottle to help make the transfer easier.

This is what your test will look like to show you that it is working. It will stay looking like this if you/your partner has a low count. If your/your partner's count is normal, a second line will appear next to the T.

Overall, SpermCheck Fertility's kit could not have been any easier to use. The packaging does come with more detailed instructions inside, the big one (in my eyes) being that you must use a "clean" sample. Meaning that the sample must not have emerged due to penetration of any kind. Then the sample needs to settle a little to help the sperm separate from the semen. Following the directions, you blend a specific amount of the solution with the sample and then using a syringe included, you transfer some of the sample mixed with the solution to the test. Then you simply wait ten minutes and look at the results. The hole of the syringe used to transfer the semen into the solution bottle was the exact same size as the hole in the solution bottle which did make transferring a bit messy.

The only issue that we had with SpermCheck Fertility is that this is what the box looked like when it arrived:

Because I do a lot of product reviews, our home receives many packages practically every week. I know my mail carrier very well. She frequently knocks on my door because packages don't always fit in my mailbox. This was a bit mortifying to have her see arrive. She did not comment on it, but how could she not have seen it? It's pretty obvious what is in the package. I do wish that SpermCheck Fertility would consider a more discreet box in the future. Perhaps using a parent company on their return address label would be an easy start.

However, since the cost is less than most doctor's office visits, PLUS it saves you the hassle and possible embarrassment of having to make such an appointment, it is TOTALLY worth every penny! Now, the kit simply tells you if your count is within normal limits or if it is lower than normal limits. It does not tell you about motility or how low your count may actually be. But it is a quick and easy, at home assessment to gauge if further testing is necessary or if you can be relieved that your count is normal.

Check out for a $10 off coupon!! You can also find a local retailer that sells SpermCheck Fertility or you can purchase it directly from them on their website. This product is so unique that no other company currently makes one like it!

One lucky winner will win a kit of their own!

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