Sunday, October 20, 2013

Make Your Dishes and Appliances Sparkle With Lemi Shine! (Review with Giveaway, Ends 11/04/13, US Only)

Disclosure: I received free products from Lemi Shine in exchange for my honest opinion about them.

Lemi Shine is a product line primarily for your dishwasher use, although some of the products can also be used for your washing machine and garbage disposal.

I received a 3 packet box of Lemi Shine® Machine Cleaner which can be used in your dishwasher, garbage disposal and/or washing machine.The package has thorough instructions on how to use it with each appliance. 

Using Lemi Shine Machine Cleaner on a regular basis will prevent hard water minerals from depositing, thus improving the performance and life of your machines.

Check out this amazing ingredient list!

Can you see it bubbling up in my garbage disposal?

And it bubbled up in my dishwasher, too!

It smells SO good and really made my kitchen smell very nice for awhile.  Both appliances looked SO much better after using this!

I also received an 8.45 oz bottle of Lemi Shine® Rinse which is basically a safer version of Jet Dry. You use it in the Jet Dry dispenser of your dishwasher.

This has an awesome ingredient list, too!

The finishing touch for sparkling dishes and glassware
The only rinse agent formulated to remove hard water minerals from the rinse cycle
Not a replacement or substitute for Lemi Shine Original
Prevents etching
Does not cause plastic-ware attack like some additives

We definitely noticed a difference in how our dishes looked coming out of the dishwasher after we began using this! So much less water spots on them!

I also received a 12 oz bottle of Lemi Shine® Original.

Keeps dishes and glassware shining by removing hard water minerals in the main wash cycle of your dishwasher.
Lemi Shine Original Before and After
Dishwasher detergents are not formulated to remove hard water minerals during the main wash cycle. Lemi Shine® Original solves this problem. Combined with your auto dish detergent, Lemi Shine® Original removes tough hard water spots, stains, and film during the main wash cycle.

Plus, Lemi Shine sent me an awesome, fold up and snap Lemi Shine reusable tote bag with a super cool chevron pattern on it! I cannot tell you how often we use tote bags around here! :)

Overall, I have noticed that our dishes come out of the dishwasher so much cleaner since we began using the Lemi Shine line.

If you would like to purchase some Lemi Shine of your own - Lemi Shine let me in on a secret that they have COUPONS on this website!

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