Saturday, October 26, 2013

Nursies When the Sun Shines, a Gentle Nightweaning Book (Review with Giveaway, Ends 11/22/13, Worldwide)

Disclosure: I received a free print copy of the book Nursies When the Sun Shines in exchange for my honest opinion about it.

Daniella is now nightweaned and I do believe that the book Nursies When the Sun Shines by Katherine Havener and illustrated by Sara Butcher played a role in that. (This link is where you can buy the print book on Amazon. If you want to buy an e-book version of Nursies When the Sun Shines, you can do so here.)

Daniella will be three years old in just a few short days. She breastfeeds. We have been working on lowering the frequency for about the last year. Until about six months ago, she was still routinely waking during the night and wanting to nurse back to sleep. From the day that Nursies When the Sun Shines arrived, we began discussing no longer nursing during the night. I didn't introduce her to not nursing during the night for a couple of more weeks, after we discussed it several times throughout that time period. I wanted to gently night wean her as I don't want her to fully wean until she is ready. On average, worldwide, children who self wean, wean between the ages of 3 and 7. Most between 3 and 4 from other mothers that I have spoken to. But because I work some odd hours, frequent wake up during the night moments were disrupting my days due to a lack of sleep.

Daniella was immediately drawn to the pictures. She thought the child in the book was her! :) One thing that I especially like about the illustrations in the book (including the wordage), it is never said or dictated what the gender of the child is. The child has slightly long hair but that does not mean it is a little girl. I know some boys with even longer hair. It is an adorable child, whatever their gender is :)

We were lucky enough to receive a signed copy!

I LOVE THIS PICTURE THE MOST!! I love the beauty of the breastfeeding, the love on the mother's and child's face and how supportive the dad is being!!! 

The book shows this family as a bedsharing family, too!

As we read the book, we substituted the word "Nursies" for "Milk" since that is what Daniella calls nursing. I did tell her the actual name of the book and that we would be substituting the word milk.

SHE LOVES THIS BOOK and SO DO I! I love that it talks about gentle weaning and comforting your child during the night and giving them the love that they are seeking to help them fall back asleep.

Since we began nightweaning (it IS a process!), Daniella will now nurse before going to bed at night and then sometimes first thing in the morning, depending on our day. Those are the only times my big girl nurses now. I love this little girl so much and I want her to decide when she is done nursing. Until then, she know that when she awakens during the night, she can leave her bed, come to my room (the bedroom door is always left open a crack for her) and climb into the sidecarred crib. She knows that she cannot have milk when it is dark outside, but she will occasionally still ask. Most nights, I don't even know when she came into our room. But she is always in the crib by morning. Which makes morning milk so much nicer and easier :)

Nursies is a groundbreaking children’s book, the first-ever to focus on night weaning. Its goal is to facilitate communication between parent and young child, thereby making the process of night weaning as gentle and easy as possible.

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